Mentor -Consultants

 Meeting with mentors

On January 20, 2017 in Fund of Women Entrepreneurs ,  took place the meeting on a subject: “Vision of mentors and the recommendation about development of the Strategic Plan for 2017-2022”

10 people were present at a meeting.

Among them:

The chairperson of the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs –  Meri Gelashvili; The Project Assistant  Diana Kurashvili; Mentors: A. Tsutskiridze, N. Todua. Mentees: L. Vashakmadze, K. Ketiladze, R. Bandzeladze (Public College”Iberia”), E. Beruashvili, N. Khubulava (I.Javakhishvili  State University _Kutaisi Branch); Stakeholders, who passed a training for mentors in Fund of Women Entrepreneurs: Kh. Gogidze (SOS Children’s Village), I. Gogua – NGO “Education and Universe”. 

The facilitator working  on development of the Strategic plan: The professional – Gundi Dick.

Translator: N. Maghlaperidze

Meeting purpose: Active participation and identification of the vision, goals of mentors, apprentices, stakeholder, and its reflection on the ” situational map”.



Our  Scholars

On March 22, 2016 in Fund of Women Entrepreneurs the working  meeting on a topic has been held:

“Purpose of a grant for pupils of Mentors of Fund of Women Entrepreneurs”.

11 beneficiaries became scholars:

Among them:

7 scholars from public college “Iberia”:

4 scholars from Sociological and Poliical  Research Center “Mermisi”  :