Women’s School

On October 6, 2017 within the project – “Sustainable development of women, from Western Georgia, through increasing their professional levels and development of  personal skills” (financed by Brot für die Welt – Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst) – 9th group of  “School for Women” finished courses in Poti.
For 3 years of project duration the total number of graduates of the “School of Women” in Poti is -135.   They studied and acquired knowledge in the following specialties: computer programs, Oris accounting, Russian language and English language.
Middle age women, with different status and profession were awarded by the certificates. It is worth noting, that for given moment 47 retrained women  got employed and increased income.
“Fund of  Women Entrepreneurs” continues the support and care of women from “Women’s Schools”.
Representatives of Poti City Hall attended the ceremony of  “School for women” completion. They publicly thanked  “Fund of Women entrepreneurs “ for the work done in Poti and wished them to implement the projects like this.



The 3-month course of English language was completed. The representative of Social Service Agency has registered graduates at employment site “worknet.gov.ge”, as a job seeker, also informed them about announced vacancies and talked about the internship program developed by the state, which is paid.

The graduates of “Women’s School” were awarded with certificates.



Russian language learning course has been opened in Poti, on the basis of questionnaires, 15 middle-aged women with higher education pass this course.



The Fund of Women Entrepreneurs successfully carries out a training course which is focused on introduction of the modern, world-wide approved training programs, we try to combine a training course to requirements of the market of Georgia which becomes more and more exacting to quality.

We have qualified, skilled teachers and after end of a course pupils have an opportunity to get the relevant advice and recommendations about these or those questions.

Now the training course of Accounting program of “ORIS” in Kutaisi and Poti, which functioned from February to May, 2017 has successfully come to the end. The project is carried out with financial support of BROT.

“The Women’s School” gives the chance to graduates to estimate the opportunities and ability to develop own resources to achieve the  financial independence.


On April 5, 2017 in Kutaisi, on the basis of the received questionnaires the English course was updated, where 15 women of middle age will be able to study. After end of a training course, the graduates will be awarded with certificates .


The Women’s School works not one year in Kutaisi and Poti. Need of training is visible from successful stories of beneficiaries. Women who go to the organization need support and appropriate assistance. “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” actively worked and will work in a frame of the project on improvement of economic and social situation of women, increase in a self-assessment and those skills which represent the main requirement of  the” labor market”.

On February 16th, 2017 based on the received questionnaires, a three-months course of accounting  was started, where 15 women of middle age will participate . After study completion, the listeners will be awarded with certificates.



On February 15th, 2017 in Poti educational process of Women’s School was updated. Proceeding from the completed questionnaires great demand was on a financial accounting course. Duration of course is 3 months. The training course will be completed by 15 women of middle age.



The Fund of Women Entrepreneurs  with  financial support of  Donor Organization “BREAD FOR THE WORLD” actively works  in Kutaisi and Poti,  to develop women’s skills and to promote their employment.

On December,28,2016  a three month course  of computer programs  was finished at Women’s School in Poti. The graduates were awarded with the certificates.

90 women were trained in 2016 in Kutaisi and Poti, from here 45 women –in Kutaisi and 45 women – in Poti.



A three month course of accounting and computer programs was  finished  in Kutaisi at Women’s School . On December 23, 2016 there was a certification process. 25 IDP and local women with high education were trained.



On December 14th,2016t in Poti was conducted  monitoring of educational process of Women’s School. It was well seen hard work of the beneficiaries, efficiency and necessity of the course. A  brief  workshop also conducted on a topic  – Pre-contractual relations and the exchange of information prior to the conclusion of a labor contract.



On December 8th, 2016 by the organization of Fund of Women Entrepreneurs, in order to promote employment issues for pupils of “Women’s school”, the representatives of Social Service Agency were invited. Our beneficiaries were registered on the website: worknet.gov.ge as looking for work also got advice on the following questions:

   – job search;

  – to raise  the self-assessment;

  – creation of the necessary documentation to start work: CV and letter of motivation;

  – Methods of an exit to an interview.

The aim of the event was to increase employment opportunity for pupils of “Women’s school”.



On October 12, 2016, the School of Women has renewed its work in Poti. This time, is undergoing a free studying process in a basic Computer Office Programs for middle aged women.



On September 19, 2016 in Kutaisi, the Women’s School was renewed. From the completed questionnaires it was revealed that, computer programs and accounting was more required . Duration of the course – 3 months. Mrs. Gundi Dick – invited specialist of Donor organization  attended to the opening ceremony of the Women’s School.



On September 14, 2016,  in Poti Women’s School , was finished a  three month course  of accounting program, organized by the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs. The beneficiaries were rewarded by the certificates.

Mrs. Gundi Dick (invited specialist from Donor Organization) was attended on the certification process of the beneficiaries .

The certified graduates assessed work of School for women in Poti positively and expressed desire to continue work of School and to expand an action area.



The Fund of Women Entrepreneurs continues courses in:  computer programs, office management, English and accounting program “ORIS”, for middle aged women with higher education. The survey process will continue until September 14 , on the following address: 6, Mgaloblishvili str. Education is free of charge. The project is implemented by the financial support of “BROT” – Bread for the world- Protestant Development Service.


Information meetings concerning opening of the 2nd group of Women’s School

Information forum

The fund of women entrepreneurs  has participated in an informational forum and has offered visitors the program within the current projects.

Information forum has taken place on July 21, 2016 in Kutaisi, organized by the “Center of education, development and employment of Kutaisi”.

Forum purpose: the offer of the exchange programs performing in the Imereti region, small and medium scale enterprises, government and nongovernmental organizations for IDPs in the area of : employments, professional training, informal education, internship, advanced training.

The great interest was caused by the information materials provided by Fund of women entrepreneurs: “Women Schools”(for  middle aged women) which purpose is retraining of women and assistance of their employment.

The minister of the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia Mr. Sozar Subar, representatives of Kutaisi City Hall and deputies  of  Sakrebulo evaluated the courses  as the major factor for improvement and contribution social-economic  situation of women. 



On June 7, 2016, in Poti  has renewed  3- month course  on accounting. The course completed  by 15 women with the higher education.



On May 31, 2016, a three-months course of office computer program was finished at Women’s School  of Poti. 20 women were awarded  by the certificates.


Round table

   On May 19th, 2016 “The round table” has taken place in “conference room” of the Center for Civic Engagement on a topic:

– Mentors and pupils (exchange of experience);

– Issuing  of certificates to graduates of Women’s School;

   The round table was conducted within the project ” Sustainable development of women in Western Georgia- development of professional and personal skills” (BROT).

37 people participated in action: graduates of school of women, mentors and their wards, teachers of Women’s School, representatives of civil society, employees of WEF, youth.

    The attendees were informed about the project, plans and activities of the project by the chairman of “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” M. Gelashvili,  Project assistants – D. Kurashvili and A. Chikhladze.

   Mentors (A. Tsutskiridze and N. Todua) have shared their experience and results of work with pupils. 

All participants, women of the graduate of school, youth with which mentors work actively took part  in discussion and have noted those positive changes which have happened in their life.

   At the end certificates have been issued to 20 graduates of Women’s School.



On May 11th, 2016, for expansion of opportunities of employment, the assistant of  Women’s School of “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs ” Anzhela Chikhladze, has invited Zurab Koberidze the representative of Employment Service , created at Social Service Agency. Graduates of Women’s School have been registered on the website vorknet.gov.ge. Registered persons will be notified automatically  about vacancies which will be declared by private employer’s side.

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On February 26, 2016, the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs has renewed a training course at Women’s School of Poti.
This time 20 women will complete a free three-months course of office computer program.
The school continues registration of women , interested to receive free training on further stages.




On February 8, 2016, at School for Women has begun the 3-month course of computer programs. The course will be completed by 20 women with the higher education.


On January 25 “Fund of women entrepreneurs” within the project “Sustainable Development of Women in the Western Georgia — Developments of Professional and Personal Skills”, the meeting between the assistant of the project Anjela Chikhladze and the majority deputy Nato Katamadze, and also with representatives of association of house owners of this area has taken place. Discussion has taken place within functioning of “school for women” whose purpose consists in raising the level of skills and knowledge of women of average age for assistance of their further employment.

The deputy Nato Katamadze together with Fund of Women Entrepreneurs will make recommendations for employment to successful participants of Women’s School.



ser-800x600A free, three-month course of accounting  at Women’s school for middle aged women, was over on December 30,2015  using the accounting programm “ORIS”. 25 women were awarded by the certificates.







In a frame of the current project 2015 : “Sustainable development of women in Western  Georgia – development of professional and personal skills”  “Women’ s School” graduates with the support  and recommendations  of Women Entrepreneurs Fund will find the job step-by-step and improve and keep their workplaces and сonditions .


Meeting with Majoritarian  Deputies

In December,2015 Anzhela Chikhladze –Project Assistant, met Majority Deputies of Kutaisi City Council Nato Katamadze and Irma Petriashvili . They spoke about goals and tasks of  Women’s School.
Deputies expressed their interest in Women Entrepreneurs Fund’s  educational activities and noted that, they will inform women living in their majority district about women’s school free rates course.
For future, it is planned  to meet other members of City Council.


On October 22, 2015 in Poti there was held a meeting with members of the “Women’s School” and the teachers. There was implemented monitoring of studying process of the current group and there was reviewed statements of the new groups. As a result of the monitoring, it was revealed that the mentioned course is carried out with the high quality, accordingly the number of people, willing to study is increased. The participants mentioned that, as Poti is the port city, vacancy for the position of accountant is often and they consider that mentioned course is the chance for their professional growth andemployment.



On September 25, 2015 in Kutaisi, a three –months course of accounting program “ORIS” began  at “Women’s School” at “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” ,where 25 women free of charge will be able to get  knowledge.


On July 23, 2015 in Kutaisi, the first  graduates of “Women’s school”, finished a three-months course in English and computer . 15 women took part in training. After successful testing, listeners were awarded by the certificates in hotel “Imeri”.


On June 6, 2015 in Poti a second stream of “Women’s school” began training course on computer programs and accounting. Course duration – 3 months. 25 women were selected on the basis of survey.



On 4th June,2015 in conference hall of educational college “Lazika”, English language and computer programs certificates were given to the listeners of “women school” of “Fund of women entrepreneurs”. Totally 25 adult women were trained. “women’s school”of Poti continues its free three-month training courses for those who wish to register at a later stage.


On April 15, 2015 on the Fund’s project “Sustainable Development of Women in the West – professional knowledge and personal skills development” within the meeting held in Kutaisi Women’s school opening. Those wishing to project the assistant introduced to the general project, talked about the importance to the school. Applicants were introduced to school teachers, training programs and agreed on working schedule.

DSC00869 DSC00872


IMG_7909On March 4, 2015 Poti “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” project was launched in the “women’s school”, where 25 women with higher education and refugees will be able to learn local computer and English language training. The purpose is to improve the knowledge and skills of middle-aged women, to increase their employment opportunities
School opening was attended by local government and media.





gadacemaOctober 30, it was finished “Administrative proceedings  and business etiquette norms”  5month courses, organized by  Fund of Women Entrepreneurs  in Poti. This is already the third group in this town which studied for free: English language, proceedings, computer programs and accounting. Now 15 women were given certificates testifying that they were given knowledge.






A free, three-month course of accounting, organized by the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs was over on June 30, 2014 in Poti. 16 beneficiaries attended the course and successfully passed the tests in the following subjects: financial accounting and accounting program -“ORIS”.  After the tests all the participants were awarded by the certificates.

IMG_5328 IMG_5350


One more “School for Women” was opened in Poti within the framework of the project organized by FWE, on May 30, 2014. With the help of the school 15 women with high education have opportunities to acquire knowledge in English, computer programs and office management. After the graduation of the school participants will be awarded by the certificates. Ongoing project evaluators: international -Raisa Sinelnikava from Belarus and national – Lika Kiladze chairperson of KEDEC (Kutaisi Education Development And Employment Center) attended the school opening ceremony and evaluated the effectiveness and efficiency of the work performed by the Fund.  Evaluators introduced Fund beneficiaries and learnt current situation and needs from them.

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On April 8, 2014 three month “Accounting Course” started in Poti based on the special request and necessity. Within the framework of the course 19 women will study accounting to increase employment possibilities. The course will be conducted by one of the qualified specialists Nargiza Kupreisvhili living in Poti.


IMG_4070-800x600One more opportunity for the women with high education to get knowledge and acquire skills for their stable work and career preparation. On April 2, 2014 the third five-month course in “Office management and business ethics” organized by FWE started in Kutaisi. With the help of the course middle-aged women will have chance to improve their skills.


“School for Women” Alumni Evaluative Monitoring in English

ccccccccccccOn March 18, 2014 an evaluative monitoring in English was held in the Center for Civic Engagement  in Kutaisi,  where the alumni had chance to express the knowledge and skills they acquired with the help of “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs”. Employment issue was the main topic of the lesson where the process of how to represent in front of the employer was focused on. The event lasted about an hour.
Achieved successes and challenges to be considered were shown at the evluative monitoring.




 Visit to Kutaisi Radio „Rioni”

rusOn February 15, 2014 representatvies of FWE and alumni of “school for women” were invited to Kutaisi radio “Rioni” on the topic of the achievements and development goals of the school. Graduates also paid attention to the changes and achievements they got in their lives after the course. The idea of school continuation was expressed due to the number of applicants. At the end of the conversation project assistant, Anjela Chikhladze addressed to the radio listeners and informed them about the opening of a new group.





Fund of Women Entrepreneurs still starts a reception of the attendees for “school for women”. According to the 5-month course in “Office management and business ethics” women will have chance to study the following subjects: Computer programs, English language and office management free of charge. The meeting about the school was held with Khatuna Tsanava (Social Service Agency leader) Zhana Mujiri (representative of “Charity House”), Gia Santeladze (head of MRA of Imereti, Guria, and Racha-Lechkhumi) and Davit Kirkitadze (Kutaisi City Council Acting Chairman). They were also aware of the specifications and directions of project work.

IMG_3060 IMG_3067









Another achievemnt of „Fund of Women Entrepreneurs”

IMG_2444On October 23, 2013 the second graduation of “School for Women” finished the five-month studying course of “Office management and business ethics”.  Under the high motivation, two groups of attendants were opened and about thirty women with high education took the course free of charge in the following subjects: office management, computer programs and English language. At the grand meeting, held in the Center of Civic Engagement in Kutaisi, Meri Gelashvili, chairperson of the fund congratulated the alumni the graduation of the course and awarded them with certificates.





Second phase of Women’s School in Kutaisi

27922757-e1379331454555On May 13, 2013 started the second phase of Women’s School in Kutaisi. Free five-month course “office management and business ethics” which provides to obtain the education in computer skills, office management and English language has been organized by the FWE. Two groups (each 15-15 women) were opened because of high demand of the course. The trainees’ great desire and high motivation are caused of the high quality learning style and purchasing required skills for employment.




 School for middle-aged women opened in Poti

36861049Fund of Women Entrepreneurs carried out some organizational work, within the project of EED in Poti  for readiness to start the school for middle-aged women. The group consists of 17 motivated women, most of them are city council officers of Poti. Such high interest of them is caused to improve their knowledge and skills to become more competitives.
FWE took into consideration school students’ desire and learning process will start after the working hours.
The duration of the course is 5 months and starts on December 1. The students will study English language, office management and computer skills.




Date: 23.11.12