About Us

Fund of Women Entrepreneurs

Non-commercial, non-profit, charitable organization was founded on July 17, 2003.


  • Supporting women’s active involvement in decision-making processes and strengthening their civil capacities.
  • Supporting women’s sustainable development for economic independence and poverty reduction.
  • Increasing integration opportunities for IDP women and national minorities in local communities.
  • Supporting women’s involvement in peacebuilding processes.



  • Promoting women’s and young girls’ capacities through their involvement in educational programs.
  • Developing women’s professional skills and enhancing their knowledge.
  • Raising awareness of women and young girls through developing their leadership skills.
  • Improving qualification of middle-aged women with high education through their involvement in non-formal educational programs
  • Women’s active participation in peacebuilding processes.
  • IDP and ethnic minorities’ integration in local community.



  • Increase women’s self-esteem
  • Improve economic status
  • Undertake peace-building activities with the support of economic components
  • Increase confidence level among the residents living in conflict sides



  • Professional orientation for young girls
  • Training for middle-aged women
  • Improve women’s social roles in the family and society
  • Local and socially vulnerable IDP women’s involvement in social entrepreneurship



  • Mobilization of young girls and middle-aged women to get them involved in educational programs.
  • Support to professional development by realization of educational programs
  • Cooperation with governmental, non-governmental and educational institutions.
  • Support to elaboration and realization of social entrepreneurship programs with governmental and non-governmental structures.
  • Advocacy and lobbying of women’s needs.
    • Raising public awareness on gender equality issues and challenges.
    • Women’s involvement in social entrepreneurship.




Professional orientation courses for young girls, trainings, information meetings, school for middle-aged women.



Periodical publication of journal, TV and radio programs, round tables, exhibitions, web-sites, social network and forums.



Questionnaires, interviewing, analysis.



Journals, methodical manual “Basics of Small Business” and manual on “Using of Microsoft Excel 2007.”


Consultations and Advocacy

  • Legal and business consultations
  • Appeals, initiatives, informational meetings, memoranda of understanding
  • Elaboration of legislative recommendations and submission to appropriate authorities



For job-seekers:

  • Providing references to the alumni of vocational colleges and school for middle-aged women
  • Allocating small grants for the development of social enterprise


Target groups:

  • IDPs (women, men, young girls ), local population living below the poverty line
  • Residents living in the conflict regions
  • The structures of central and local government
  • Vocational training centres
  • Civil society
  • IDPs and national minorities
  • Mass media


Area of activities:

Six cities of Imereti region: Kutaisi, Tskaltubo, Khoni, Vani, Samtredia, Zestaponi;

Poti – region of Samegrelo; Conflict zone – Khurcha, Nabakevi, Tamarasheni, Perevi.