On December 10.2018 the meeting was held at the Fund of Women Entrepreneur’s office   about the violence against women and human rights



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 Fund of Women Entrepreneurs

On November 7, 2018, a meeting was held between south Caucasus regional manager Petra Steinkogler, (within the project 675) and the Imereti Regional Employee. The meeting was attended by the local manager of the project Nana Gogokhia, the Chairman of the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs, Project Coordinator in Imereti Region – Meri Gelashvili, Project Employees in Imereti region,  total 11 people.
The mission of the meeting was to discuss issues of Fund of Women Entrepreneurs and college “Iberia” regarding the 4th cycle of learning.
Since the fourth cycle is financed by the project, the changes in the budget are discussed, which ensures the implementation of this stage of the project.


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Fund of Women Entrepreneurs

Project Step by Step towards a Better Future (Phase II) – 4th cycle

On October 31, 2018, an open door day was held at public college “Iberia”, within the project “Step by Step towards a Better Future, financed by EU and the Austrian Development Agency. Ann introductory meeting was held with the 4th cycle probationers, former convicts, and their family members.
The meeting was attended employees of Fund of Women Entrepreneurs, head of collage “Iberia“, their teachers ,representatives of Probation Bureau of Imereti Region : psychologist- Avtandil Arbolishvili, social worker-Tinatin Chelishvili,14 probationer from Imereti,1 successful beneficiaries from 3th cycle and mentor of project Nana Idadze.
At the meeting beneficiaries received information about project from social worker Maia Qamushadze, implementation of the ongoing training in the Integration Center made by Fund of Women Entrepreneurs .Also the teachers of collage “Iberia” held presentation about selected professions.specialty training room views. Beneficiaries once again learned about professional choice, resulting in the final staffing of the groups. The 4th cycle beneficiaries will start studying on October 5.




On October 18 2018 , the workshop was held in the frames of “Student Rehabilitation Center of Fund of Women Entrepreneurs”, which was presented by coordinator of the training center for the Entrepreneur Women’s Fund Anjela Chikhladze and the social service Agency, Imereti Regional Center, continuous professional orientation and career planning consultan Khatuna Oboladze

Attending society received information about professional teaching, employment and support services. Specifically, it was about employment, continuous professional orientation and career planning, support for employment, subsidizing, internship and short-term retraining professional courses. Interested applicants were registered with professional training and on the portal of employment.



On October 25, 2018, FWE held a meeting in Poti assembly room. The meeting included information about the project, which was funded by EU. “Georgia to create an effective model for implementation of DCFTA and small and medium enterprises strategy on European road” – sub-grant: “Public Information in Free Trade Area” Which was attended by local beneficiaries, entrepreneurs, representatives of non-governmental and governmental, educational sphere. The meeting was discussed on the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area Agreement. 20 people received the information on this topic.



Informing the public about Free Trade Area

Re-granting of the project funded by EU within: “Georgia on the European way: Creating Effective Model for Implementation of DCFTA and Small and Medium Enterprises Strategy ” ,on October 18.2018 Fund of Women Entrepreneurs held meeting about the project “Informing the public about Free Trade Area”. 35 people attended the meeting: representatives of different layers of civil society and organization beneficiaries. Meetings will continue to increase public awareness of this issue.



Fund of Women Entrepreneurs

On october 05, 2018, FWE held a presentation performance by forum theatre  where it was presented  of the challenges to overcome those who are in conflict with the law in everyday life in integration centre.
The forum theatre  held a presentation-summarization of the project “Step-by-Step for a Better Future”(financed by EU and Austrian Development Agency) The project is partnership – implemented by Hilfswerk Austria INTERNATIONAL, Association “Consent” and Fund of Women Entrepreneurs. But it was implemented by volunteers of  Association “Consent “
The goal of the event was to reduce the discriminatory attitudes towards the convicted individuals and to overcome the existing stigma.
The event was distinguished with the high activity of the audience, due to the forum – theater concept.
At the same time, noteworthy was the high qualification of volunteer actors.
The event was attended by Representatives of different layers of civil society, project beneficiaries , a total of 62 people.




Fund of Women Entrepreneurs

On September 26, 2018, FWE held a presentation-summarization of the first stage of the project – “Step-by-Step towards a Better Future” (EU and Austrian Development Agency) in integration center.
One of the directions of the project is “Material Support Program”. The winners of the MSP (8 projects) were awarded material resources in accordance with the submitted projects, which were exhibited in the yard of the Integration Center.
The project is partnership – implemented by Hilfswerk International, IDP Women’s Association “Consent” and FWE collaboration.
The event was attended by: National Probation Agency, Imereti National Probation Bureau, Crime Prevention Center, Governmental Organizations (Local and Abkhazian), representatives from business sector, NGOs (international and local), employment and internship organizations, “Public Defender’s Office” Services Agency,  Vocational Education collage ” Iberia ” , civil society, the media, a total of 75 people.



Winners of the Material Support Program

Winners of the Material Support Program, within the framework of the project “Step-by-Step towards a Better Future” (675), were announced in FWE office, on September 4, 2018.

Total 8 projects have been selected (from 14), which have received the highest score and their authors will be awarded appropriate material support to implement the business plan. Project author and director is Hilfswerk Austria International. Project financially supported by the EU and the Austrian Development Agency.

We congratulate the winners and wish them success.



Fund of Women Entrepreneurs

The applications were reviewed and assessed within the framework of the Material Support program of the Project 675 “Step-by-Step towards a Better Future” on 21-22 August, 2018 in Kutaisi. 14 applications were submitted by the beneficiaries who are in conflict with the law. 8 winners were revealed.

The project is headed by Hilfswerk Austria International and is financially supported by the EU and the Austrian Development Agency.



The working meeting within the framework of the project #675 “Step by Step towards a better future” in FWE office

On July 3, 2018, the meeting was held among Nicol Bauer (HWI Project Manager in Caucasus Region), Meri Gelashvili (Chairperson of FWE – Project Coordinator in Imereti region), Nana Gogokhia (staff member of “consent” – project local manager) and the project`s implementers. Totally 8 persons.

At the meeting was discussed the implementation of the project # 675, stages of material support program, results of beneficiaries` trainings, internships and mentorship issues and future plans.

Nicol Bauer examined the public college “Iberia” training rooms where the beneficiaries were trained. She attended training for the stylists group.




Meeting of HWI Project manager in Caucasus region in Imereti probation bureau

On July 3, 2018 the meeting was held among representatives of FWE, Imereti probation bureau and  HWI Project manager in Caucasus region.

The meeting was attended by project #675 regional manager in Caucasus – Nicol Bauer, head of Imereti probation bureau – Valerian Vacharadze, chairperson of FWE- Meri Gelashvili, the project local manager – Nana Gogokhia (consent), representatives of crime prevention centre and project implementers from FWE. The meeting was attended totally by 12 persons.

At the meeting were discussed results of the teaching and employment of I-II-III cycle beneficiaries of the project #675, the stages of material support program, and future plans. 



The working meeting with staff of Centre of Crime prevention (Imereti region)

The working meeting was held between FWE and Centre of Crime prevention of Imereti region on 26 June, 2018. The meeting was attended by  soc. workers of centre of crime prevention – Lela Japharidze, Tamar Jojua and soc. worker of the  project #675 (step by step towards a better future) – Maia Kamushadze and project`s assistant- Natruli Nachkebia.

At the meeting was discussed results of the 3 month courses for the beneficiaries of the project`s (#675) third cycle and stages of the material support program.



FWE hosted a group of 15 students and 3 teachers from the Department of Development and Environmental Studies (with a focus on International Development) at Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic on June 28, 2018. Guests were interested in the work of the NGO sector, gender policy in the country, the legal status of IDPs, women’s rights and the socio-economic level in the country. The meeting was conducted in active Q/A mode.



Prof. orientation determination within the framework of the “Study-rehabilitation center” of FWE

On 27.06.2017, in social college “Iberia” within the framework of the “Study-rehabilitation center” of FWE, financed by Brot, was held a workshop on professional orientation courses. Brief information was made about the professions in the public college “Iberia”, the students were informed about the enrollment procedures, and practically examined the specialty studying rooms and talked to the teachers themselves. The participants of the workshop initially identified the desirable professions, but after reviewing the thematic issues, they changed their choices and made real decisions to get the secondary profession to be able to achieve social and economic independence in the future.



The project “step-by-step toward a better future” (# 675)-In Imereti region implemented by FWE The beneficiaries of the third cycle completed the learning process and received the assessment

Within the framework of the project “step-by-step toward a better future” (675) in public collage “Iberia”, On 22 June, 2018 the beneficiaries  were assessed  by soc. worker, psychologist, vital skills trainers, lawyer of the FWE and profession trainers of the collage “Iberia”.
The Project Implementation Team prepared individual assessments of each beneficiary, defined the efficiency of the study process and expressed their views on its perfection;
19 beneficiaries of the third cycle completed 3th month courses, they were trained in the following specialties: Electrician, cook, car electric and computer graphic. The stylists group, with 6 members, will complete their study on 5th of July.



The informational meeting of the FWE in Imereti probation bureau

The informational meeting between project`s „step-by-step toward a better future“ implementer – FWE and Imereti probation bureau was held, within the framework of the project, on 19 June 2018. The meeting was attended by Valerian Matcharadze – probation bureau, soc. workers from bureau- Tamar Tchumburidze and Tinatin Tchelishvili, project coordinator from FWE – Meri Gelashvili, project soc. worker- Maia Kamushadze and project assistant- Natruli Natchkebia.
The following issues were discussed at the meeting: results of the 3 cycle of the project and challenges of the „material support program“. Within the framework of the project, stakeholders decided of the future cooperation.



The meeting with the Austrian trade union group took place on May 27, 2018 at the FWE office. The information received about the organization by the staff aroused great interest. Participants discussed plans for the future and, possible cooperation.






The Information meeting within the framework of the project #675 (“Step-by-Step toward a Better Future”) was held in the Vakisubani municipality of Kutaisi, on 18.05.2018.
The meeting was attended by Giorgi Mamasakhlisi – representatives of the Mayor’s office in Vakisubani municipality and representatives of the Gamgeoba.
The aim of the meeting was to provide information about the project by the FWE (project assistant- Naturuli Nachkebia, FWE staff member- Angela Chikhladze) and the assistance of the representatives of the Vakisubani municipality regarding the involvement of beneficiaries in this project.
Representatives of the Vakisubani municipality expressed readiness for cooperation.    




Project #675 Meeting in Vani municipality

On May 16, 2018, an information meeting within the framework of the project #675 “Step-by-step toward a better future” was held in Vani self-governing municipality. The meeting was attended by representatives of Vani municipality heads and sakrebulo (22person).
The aim of the meeting was to provide information about the project by FWE (coordinator -Meri Gelashvili, project assistant- Natruli Nachkebia).
Vani municipality representatives expressed readiness to help in process of involving beneficiaries in the project and for future cooperation.




28.03.18 Sexvedra 2 [800x600]The working meeting of the project (№675) employees was held in FWE`s integrational centre, on 28 March 2018.
The following issues were discussed at the meeting: formalization of the 3rd cycle`s beneficiaries groups, elaboration monitoring plan for interns, scheduling meetings with mentors.
Meri Gelashvili- chairperson of the FWE instructed to the staff to create appropriate plans for the implementation period.  








The introductory meeting was held with the third cycle probationers in „open door day“ at the public college “Iberia”,  within the framework of the project “Step-by-Step Toward a Better Future” (project # 675), founded by the EU and Austrian Development Agency, on 22 March,2018.
The meeting was attended by the staff of the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs, head and teachers of the college “Iberia”, psychologist of probation bureau of Imereti region- Avtandil Arbolishvili, probation bureau officer- Inga Chakvetadze, 15 probationers from Imereti region.
At the meeting beneficiaries received information about the project and got acquainted with the schedule of studies.


Gender equality council of Kutaisi

FWE chairperson- Mari Gelashvili, was elected as a member of gender equality council of Kutaisi, based on order #55 of chairperson of Kutaisi Sakrebulo.
The first meeting of the gender equality council was held in the Kutaisi Sakrebulo, on March 2, 2018. Budgeting, education, research and monitoring are those issues that were agreed at the first working meeting.
For effective work on the above directions, thematic groups were created.




rus da ing gamogvigzavnis [800x600]On March 1, 2018, FWE staff (Maya Kamushadze and Natruli Nachkebia) met with the Mr. Lado Jurkhadze- Mayor of Khoni Municipality.
The topic of the meeting was: Presentation of information within the framework of the project “Step by step toward a better future” (№675).
The information included a list of services and professions for project participant – legal and psychological counseling, vital skills training, mentor work, paid internship, participation in the grant process, payment for food and transportation costs.
Mr. L. Jurkhadze expressed the desire and interest to hold a joint meeting in the near future with representatives of the Municipality of Khoni and the FWE.







The meeting, within the project “Step-by-Step toward a better future”, in Tbilisi

A seminar of strategic plan on the topic: “Hilfswerk International in the South Caucasus- focus on Georgia” was held in Tbilisi, on February 27, 2018.
The seminar was led by the regional manager of the South Caucasus and the Western Balkan region Nicole-Maria Bauer.
The seminar was attended by: IDP Women’s Association “Consent”- Yulya Kharashvili, Nana Gogokhia, Khvtiso Lobzhanidze; Association of social workers – Nino Shatberashvili, Ketevan Gigineishvili, Sopho Bachilava and Fund of Women Entrepreneurs – Meri Gelashvili, Natruli Nachkebia.
The following issues were considered at the seminar: strategic analysis and planning, organizational analysis, structures, environmental analysis, donors and other financing organizations, general directions and events, further steps for strategic planning and implementation.





Information meeting with probationers in Khoni

On February 26, 2018, the meeting with potential beneficiaries was held with FWE initiative by National probation agency Imereti Bureau , within the project “Step-by-Step toward a better future” founded by EU and Austrian Devlopment Agency.
The meeting was attended by National probation agency Imereti bureau staff: psychologist- Avtandil arbolishvili, officer of  Probation Bureau (Khoni) -Maia Chkhenkeli, Social worker of FWE – Maia Kamushadze and project assistant- Natruli Nachkebia
The meeting was informative and included information about the goals, objectives and services that the project envisages for the beneficiaries.
 Psychologist of Imereti Probation Bureau- Avtandil Arbolishvili introduced beneficiaries to whom the applicants should apply and what are the rules of registration.
 The beneficiaries approved the format of the meeting with a view to better understanding the terms of the project and expressed their willingness to participate in the project. Maia Chkhenkeli- officer of the Imereti Probation Bureau (Khoni) will be informed, in case if they will  participate in the project. 




The working meeting within the framework of the project “Step by step toward a better future”.

The working meeting was held at the FWE “Integration Center” on February 23, 2018. The meeting was attended by project executors: Nicole Bauer (regional project manager, Hilfswerk Austria International) and Nana Gogokhia (general project coordinator, IDP women association “Consent”).
At the meeting, the following issues were considered: the achieved results and challenges for the project implementation period. We have outlined a plan for the future that will ensure the effective and qualitative implementation of the project.




Heads of Khoni Self-Government and Representatives of Civil Groups got acquainted with the terms of the project “Step-by-Step toward a better Future”

Heads of Khoni self-government, social service agencies and representatives of various civil groups have received exhaustive information on the FWE`s project “Step-by-Step toward a better Future”, which is implemented by the organization together with partners.
Heads of municipality noted that all initiatives, which aim is improving the conditions of such vulnerable groups as are project`s beneficiaries, are important.
They expressed their readiness to involve the municipality in the field of communication with the beneficiaries, particularly in the community at the Mayor level and planned further steps for future cooperation within the project.

Meeting with the representative of the “Peace Corps in Georgia” at the office of FWE

shexvedra moxalisestan [800x600]The meeting with FWE staff and representatives of the “Peace Corps in Georgia” was held in FWE office on December 22, 2018 . The purpose of the meeting was to familiarize and evaluate the organization for the visit of the “volunteer”.
During the meeting were discussed the organization’s expectations for the visit of the “volunteer”, as well as the opportunities that the project offers.








Informational meeting with probationers in Zestaphoni

DSCN2540 [800x600]On February 15, 2018, the meeting with potential beneficiaries was held with FWE initiative by National probation agency Imereti bureau  within the project “Step by Step toward a better future” funded by EU and Austrian Development Agency, in Zestaphoni.
The meeting attended by National probation agency Imereti bureau staff : psychologist – Avtandil Arbolishvili, Social worker – Gvantsa Gachechiladze (Zestaphoni) , Officer of Probation Bureau- Merab Arveladze (Zestaphoni), Social worker of FWE – Maia Kamushadze and project assistant – Natruli Nachkebia.
The meeting was informative and included information about the goals, objectives and services that the project envisages for the beneficiaries.
The format of the meeting was fruitful, as most of the informed people expressed willingness to participate in the project.









27867421_1993424830928586_1862421162848411139_nKick-off meeting,  where formalized mentors and mentees groups for 2nd cycle was held in FWE international center, within the framework of the project “Step by step toward a better future “ on 10 February, 2018.
Before meeting were preparation activities with both beneficiaries and mentors. On meeting were discussed mentor`s and mentee`s rights and duties, which are mandatory for all.
Everybody was familiar with the format of communication that the mentor`s concept suggests. Participants were given the opportunity to express their views and expectations about this project.







Information meeting at the Kutaisi City Hall

On February 13, 2018, within the framework of the project “ Step by Step towards a Better Future” project #675 funded by the European and Austrian Development Agency, was hold meeting with the deputy mayor – Mrs. Nino Tvaltvadze.
The meeting was attended by the project executors:
Coordinator of the project in Imereti – Mary Gelashvili; Social worker – Maya Kamushadze; Project Assistant – Natruli Nachkebia; Lawyer – Inga Maglaperidze; Coordinator of the College “Iberia” – Varlami Mindeli; Vital Skills Trainer – Nanulu Ramishvili; Volunteer – Angela Chikhladze.
The agenda covered the following issues: Project introduction; Discussion of the achieved results and challenges for the future; The possibility of including the City Hall in order to support the project.
Ms. Nino expressed the opinion that this issue can be discussed in the Gender Advisory Council of municipalities, because the project provides for the inclusion of more than 30% of women with a view to their re-socialization.




Meeting with mentors

IMG_1325 [800x600]The meeting was held within the framework of the project “step by step towards a better future ”#675  in FWE office on January 30, 2018. The meeting was attended by Meri Gelashvili- project coordinator in Imereti Region, Tamar Kalandzde- psychologist, Natruli Nachkebia- assistant  and mentors : Vladimer Jorjolilani, Madlena Shavgulidze, Manana Gvishiani.
During the meeting mentors presented reports of their work with probationers for the period of  December-January and planed future activities with their beneficiaries.
The psychologist mentioned the growing demand of working with the mentors from the side of beneficiaries. Thus it is necessary to create criteria for the process of choosing beneficiaries. Criteria will be developed by Tamar Kalandadze in cooperation with project psychologist Kote Pozov.






Project Step by Step towards a Better Future (Phase II)

Beneficiaries of the  second cycle of the project #675 were awarded with certificate in collage „Iberia“ on January 24, 2018.

Based on the final assessment scores, all of the 19 beneficiaries have crossed a certain limit and received a certificate. This indicate that the beneficiaries of this cycle are quite motivated not only for learning, but also for the availability of additional services (vital skills training, psychologist, social worker and  lawyer trainings).

The chairperson of the FWE , Project coordinator – Mary Gelashvili and the deputy director of the college “Iberia” Mrs Ana Tsutskiridze congratulated beneficiaries and wished success to them.

At the end of the meeting, the beneficiaries were asked questions, especially they were intrested at employment issues. The project coordinator Mary Gelashvili and the project staff gave exhaustive answers.    





Project Step by Step towards a Better Future (Phase II)


FWE organized working meeting in Integration Centre within the project “Step by step towards a better future” funded by Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and EU on January 24, 2018. The meeting were attended by Meri Gelashvili- Project coordinator in Imereti rejion, Natruli Nachkebia- project assistant, Maia Kamushadze – social worker, Tamar Kalandadze – psychologist, Varlami Mindeli- coordinator of collage  “Iberia” and Inga Maglapheridze- Lawyer.

At the meeting were discussed changes made on monthly and quarterly report compiling rules , also organizational issues:

  • Effectiveness of mentor work
  • Effective approaches to employment of second stage alumni.
  • Work made for organizing beneficiaries group for first stage.
  • Organizing future informational meetings with mayors and governors.






Project Step by Step towards a Better Future (Phase II)

On 23 December, 2017 the working meeting, with participation of project working group (Imereti, Zugdidi and Shida Kartli region), was held on initiative of project local manager Nana Gogokhia and with  FWE organization in Kutaisi Center for Civil Engagement. 

   The meeting was attended by 17 participants.

   The purpose of the meeting was:

– Introducing the results of study visit to Austria;

Presentations of Regions:

  1. Shida Kartli
  2. Imereti
  3. Samegrelo

   – Review / specification of documents, concepts, account forms developed within the project,

   – Current Challenges,

   – Work in groups and presentations of group work,

   – Future plans.

Nana Gogokhia introduced the results of the study visit to Austria.

Presentations on the first and second cycle studies, internships, mentors issues and employment were made by:

           – Maya is mine – Zugdidi region,

           – Mary Gelashvili – Imereti region

           – Khvistio Lobzhanidze – Shida Kartli region.

On the meeting also was discussed related issues of the third cycle, where was underlined that it is necessary to pay attention to the beneficiaries attraction.  To achieve this necessity is imminent to organized joint meeting with regions probation bureau, where participations will be beneficiaries of the third cycle. On this meeting will be introduced all the services of the project and beneficiaries will made a decision about participation.



Summarization of the three year project: Sustainable development of women, living in Western Georgia, through increasing their professional levels and personal skills.

FWE presented summing-up the three year project “Sustainable development of women, living in Western Georgia, through increasing their professional levels and personal skills” in Center for Civic Engagement on December 15, 2017.  

FWE chairperson Meri Gelashvili and project assistants: Anjela Chikhladze, Natruli Nachkebia, Inga Maglaperidze and Elena Kuparadze introduced the projects  results, achievements and challenges. Assistants spoke in detail about each component that has been implemented in Imereti, Samegrelo and Tsageri regions for this three years. A TV story prepared in the framework of the project was shown at the meeting. The recommendations provided by the attendees will be included in organization future work plan.

The meeting was attended by representatives of Kutaisi City Hall Economic Service Department, Social Service Employment Department, Tsageri and Poti local self-government,  member organizations of network  “Only together we reduce poverty” mass media and FWE  beneficiaries.



Meeting in college “Iberia” in frame of 16 day campaign against gender based violence

iberia [800x600]On December 7, 2017, in frame of 16 day campaign against gender based violence, an informational meeting was held in the college “Iberia”. Students and teachers of the college familiarized with the changes in the 24th law made by state according the Istanbul convention. The meeting was interactive with participation of 40 students.








qutaisi2017 [800x600]Meeting was held with the students of Kutaisi School for Womens within the week against gender based violence. For attendees was explained that the 16-day campaign aims to inform citizens and activate the society against violence.










On November 29, 2017 a chairperson of regional policy and governance committee, Grigol Liluashvili, Majoritarian MP of Vani and Sophie Kiladze, chairperson of “Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee” held a meeting with Khoni Club (Fund “Sukhumi”) members and representatives of  NGOs “Fund Sukhumi” and “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” in the Parliament of Georgia, in Kutaisi.

At the meeting they talked about the violence against women and the issues on gender equality, also they discussed about the role of men and women in the society, functioning of gender councils, legislative basis of gender in the country and enforcement mechanisms of the law, as well as the reforms of the Institute of Social Work and Women’s Rights.

 At the meeting Ms. Sopho Kiladze and Mr. Grigol Liluashvili made a readiness for cooperation.

“We have a lot of interesting initiatives that first of all, will be discussed with the public members. Your active participation and recognition of your civil position is important”, said Ms Sopo.

The meeting was held under the initiative of Khoni Club of Women (Fund “Sukhumi”), within the framework of activities aimed at violence against women.



A Consulting Meeting in Kutaisi

sakonsultacio shexvedraOn November 29, 2017 a Consultation Meeting among Sopho Japaridze (an assistant of the Prime Minister), Ana Pashalishvili (UN Women representative) and Kutaisi NGOs was held in Kutaisi at “Bagrati” hotel. Mary Gelashvili and Anjela Chikhladze, from the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs, attended the event.

The meeting devoted to the topics “Women, Peace and Security”, “The activities performed in the framework of the National Action Plan for 2016-2017 and new aspects of the 2018-2020 action plan” and   “Widespread and planned activities to Combat Violence against Women and Domestic Violence and Victims”.  

At the meeting the representatives discussed on both issues related to the topics and expressed desire to establish relations in the future.






The work meeting

Workshop on the project “Step-by-Step towards a  Better Future” was held on November 10, at the “Integration Center” of Fund of Women Entrepreneurs. The agenda of the meeting included two issues: the results of the past period; achievements and challenges and organizational issues of planned training (mentor-volunteers).

Every representative of the first issue discussed around their direction. Was identified one issue which concerns one of the beneficiaries and plans to prevent this problem (M. Gelashvili, N. Nachkebia, M. Kamushadze, T. Kalandadze, N.Ramishvili, I.Maglaperidze and V.Mindeli).

The second issue included a report of  assistant N. Nakkebia on technical issues.

To the Social Worker – Kamushadze and psychologist – T. Kalandadze was ordered to provide training.




On 17 October 2017, the FWE hosted the representatives of  donor organization- Brot für die Welt-Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst- Claudia Hinderer and Anika Becker.
Chairperson of FWE – Meri Gelashvili informed the guests about the  implemented  projects  and plan for 2018 year.
At the meeting FWE staff and donors discussed the project “Sustainable development of women, from Western Georgia, through their professional levels and development of personal skills” activities and achieved goals.



Working Meeting of the Project Supervisory (or observer) Committee

On October 16, 2017 the working meeting of the Supervisory Committee was held on the project: “Sustainable development of women from Western Georgia, through increasing their professional levels and development of personal skills” , in Fund of Women Entrepreneurs office. 
The meeting was attended by the members of the committee:  Kutaisi City Council deputy- Nato Katamadze , Deputy Head of the autonomous republic of Abkhazia goverment representation , on IDPs issues,   in Imereti region- Natia Kopaliani, Union of Teachers “Education and Universe” – Nanuli Ramishvili and secretary of the meeting – Inga Maglaperidze.
The Project Supervisory Committee reviewed the first half of 2017.  They assessed activities and achieved results of the above mentioned project, that was implemented in 2015-2017.
The attendees noted that “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” is an organization that actually works on women’s needs. Organization has a qualified team , which  identify the problems of target groups and find ways to solve these problems. They said that  received  information allow them to positively assess the implementation of the project.
It should be noted that the Project Supervisory Committee is independent.  Committee activities and  purpose is to ensure the transparency and potential of the organization’s work.



September 27

September 27 is the day of the fall of Sukhumi. The military clash in Abkhazia began on August 14, 1992. The struggle for territorial unity lasted 13 months and 13 days, culminating in the fall of Sukhumi on September 27, 1993.

Members of the “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” and cultural-humanitarian Fund “Sukhumi” recalled the day of the fall of Sukhumi  and honored the memory of the heroes killed for the unity of Georgia in Kutaisi, near the Memorial of the Dead Warriors in Abkhazia .



Meeting with the majoritarian candidate

On September 21, 2017, the staff of the Women’s Entrepreneurs Fund, together with other NGOs and representatives of the mass media, took part in the meeting where the member of the Kutaisi sakrebulo , the candidate from “Gamarjveba District” Nato Katamadze, presented a four-year summary of her work.

The report covered several issues – the work of the deputy in Sakrebulo and plans for the future; the implemented and not implemented initiatives were considered. The meeting was held in the mode of questions and answers.

“I am not nominated at this stage, but I do not leave active politics,” Nato Katamadze said.







On September of 7 in 2017 was held a meeting at the office of Imereti Probation Bureau. In which participated project Manager Nicole-Maria Bauer, Yulia Kharashvili and Nana Gogokhia, project Coordinator in Imereti region Mary Gelashvili and project Employees, Head of Imereti probation Bureau Levan Shanidze and  bureau staff , also a staff of officers of Crime and Prevention Center

At the meeting they discussed the implementation of the first stage of the project and the implementation of the works, challenges to this stage, as well as preparation for the second stage of the discussion.

  In the afternoon was held the workshop on the mentioned issues at the Entrepreneur’s Women’s Integration Center.




Meeting in the Municipality of Tsagery

On September 5th, 2017, the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs organized a working meeting in Tsageri Municipality and its three villages Kvemo Tsageri, Gveso and Chkhuteli.

On this meeting, the organization’s staff questioned population about their problems and needs.  The survey was conducted to prepare a proposal  application on the topic. Development of agriculture and promotion of women`s involvement in economic and political processes.

The meeting was attended by 21 people.




    • 9


Master-class in Tsageri

On July 18, 2017 in a frame of the project” Sustainable development of women in Western Georgia- development of professional and personal skills” was held master class in Tsageri Municipality on topic-“Care of Berry Cultures”.

   The master class was attended by 25 people. The listeners got information on thorn less strawberry, raspberries, blueberries, their agro technologies, care, useful properties, fetal production, compost production and its use.

  In the master class, it was revealed that a group of listeners on the basis of received information will prepare a small area for thorn less blackberry  and raspberry seedlings cultivation.


The open door day

On May 30, 2017, an open door day was held in public college “Iberia”. The introductory meeting was conducted within the framework of the project “Step-by-step towards a better future” (project № 675) funded by the EU and the Austrian Development Agency. The project is presented and is a grant recipient organization by HILFSWERK AUSTRIA INTERNATIONAL, and partners in Georgia IDP women Association “Tankhmoba”, Imereti – “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs”, Community College “Iberia”, Samegrelo – Shota Meskhia State Technical University of Zugdidi. The audience was addressed by the project coordinator in  Imereti Meri Gelashvi, also the Acting Director of the Public College “Iberia” Ana Tsutskiridze and teachers.

Ms. Meri Gelashvili, Chairperson of the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs, introduced the participants with the project, presented the team of Imereti Region, who will work with the beneficiaries, and focused on the activities to be implemented within their project.

The teachers of the public college “Iberia” showed the work places to the probationers, where they should take practice in the future and get training.

There was  displayed a film “Successful Experience and Results of the First Phase of the Project”.

At the end of the day, the beneficiaries discussed the format of work in the “Integration Center”, signed the Trilateral Memorandum of Cooperation. They obtained social consultant, psychologist and lawyer consultations.



The Fund of Women Entrepreneurs will take part in project development on “Protection of labor safety and health”

Since 2017 the Fund of women Entrepreneurs together with Trade Union of Georgia within the Memorandum of a mutually cooperation, will get into gear of a working group which is created for project development of the law of Georgia on “Protection of labor safety and health”.

Proceeding from the above the Fund of women Entrepreneurs is given the chance to express the vision and recommendations in development of the draft law on “Labor safety”.



On February 16, 2017 in Sector Economy and Economic Policy Committee at  Parliament of Georgia, the lawyer of the organization made report on the legislative initiative of  the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs – income tax exemption of women with many children (women who has 3 or more children).

The initiative of Fund of Women Entrepreneurs was supported by complete structure of committee.



Meeting with mentors

On January 20, 2017 in Fund of Women Entrepreneurs ,  took place the meeting on a subject: “Vision of mentors and the recommendation about development of the Strategic Plan for 2017-2022”

10 people were present at a meeting.

Among them:

The chairperson of the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs –  Meri Gelashvili; The Project Assistant  Diana Kurashvili; Mentors: A. Tsutskiridze, N. Todua. Mentees: L. Vashakmadze, K. Ketiladze, R. Bandzeladze (Public College”Iberia”), E. Beruashvili, N. Khubulava (I.Javakhishvili  State University _Kutaisi Branch); Stakeholders, who passed a training for mentors in Fund of Women Entrepreneurs: Kh. Gogidze (SOS Children’s Village), I. Gogua – NGO “Education and Universe”. 

The facilitator working  on development of the Strategic plan: The professional – Gundi Dick.

Translator: N. Maghlaperidze

Meeting purpose: Active participation and identification of the vision, goals of mentors, apprentices, stakeholder, and its reflection on the ” situational map”.



On December 23, 2016 , a working meeting of network acting in the Imereti region non-governmental organizations : “Only together we can overcome poverty” was conducted at Women Entrepreneurs Fund’s office. At a meeting participants have discussed the analysis of researches on a legal status of the employed women  in the private sector and have defined work priorities for 2017.

At a meeting, the director of “Peace and Business Caucasus” – Alu Gamakharia has revised the document of the agenda on Sustainable development of the UN – “Transformation of our world: the agenda of 2030 on sustainable development” which was signed by 193 countries, among them Georgia.

16 people participate in a meeting.



On December 14th, 2016, the informational meeting was held with beneficiaries and IDPs of Women’s school of Poti. There took place the brief workshop on a subject – the pre-agreement relations and exchange of information before the conclusion of the agreement.

Explained to listeners the importance of the pre-agreement relations.

After the Meeting individual legal advices were given on labor rights.



Signing  of the Memorandum of cooperation between Fund of Women Entrepreneurs and Georgian Trade Union

On November 21, 2016 in the Center for Civic Engagement, the Memorandum between Fund of women entrepreneurs and Women’s committee of Trade Union of Georgia was signed.

The purpose of signing of the Memorandum – agreement parties undertake to develop jointly: legislative initiatives which will improve conditions of the employed women, to jointly identify needs of requirement of the market and a tendency, to jointly perform exchange of information about human rights violations in employment relationships and protection of the rights of injured persons.

The memorandum was signed by Meri Gelashvili – chairperson of the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs and  Eter Matureli – the chairperson  of Women’s Committee of the Trade  Union of Georgia.

38 people attended to this meeting.

  • Signing  of the Memorandum of cooperation between Fund of Women Entrepreneurs and Georgian Trade Uni
    • Signing of the Memorandum of cooperation between Fund of Women Entrepreneurs and Georgian Trade Uni

    • 9



“Professional”, Chairperson of the Fund and Translator in a process  of planning of activities.

The cooperation between “professional” and Fund of women entrepreneurs began with planning of activities of FWE connected with elaboration of ” Strategy Development Plan”. The working plan is signed by the professional and Fund in which preparatory work and implementation of development of the Strategic plan of FWE are provided.

Working meeting on development of the Strategic Plan of the organization

On October 6, 2016 Gundi Dick -“professional”   held a working meeting where participated: beneficiaries of the organization, representatives of non-governmental and government sector.

The meeting purpose – increase of involvement  of beneficiaries and stakeholders in a process of development of the Strategic Plan of the Organization. Their recommendations will be reflected in the Strategy of the organization that in future will make work of  the “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” more effective .

22 people participated in this meeting.



In order to promote the development of the organization, the “professional” – volunteer  Mrs. Gundi Dick , seconded by the donor, BROT-Bread for the world- Protestant Development Service for a period of two years in Fund of Women Entrepreneurs.

 According to the agreement the professional will assist “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” (FWE)  in development of the Strategic Development plan for the organization for 2017-2022; in planning of the project (as according to contents, also structurally), in training of group of fundraising and search of funds.

 Meeting of Mrs.  Gundi  Dick with the staff of Fund of Women Entrepreneurs.


Discussion of an initiative of Fund of Women Entrepreneurs at Free UniversityNational institute on human rights

ganxilva [800x600]On July 20th, 2016 the staff of Fund of Women Entrepreneurs at “Free university” together with the special commission (into which entered members of parliament of Georgia Zurab Japaridze and David Darchiashvili, students of Law  School -Free University, professors) has considered the legislative initiative of Fund which concerned exemption of mothers having many children (three and more children) from the income tax. At a meeting efficiency and results of the legislative initiative have been considered, the opinion which the fund plans to provide in case of representation of an initiative in legislature has also been expressed.







Conference of the National Platform of Georgia

On June 26-27, 2016 the representative of FWE- Diana Kurashvili has taken part in the conference organized by the National Platform of the Eastern Partnership of Georgia.

The conference purpose was development and approval of the action plan of the signed Memorandum of partnership between committee on integration of parliament of Georgia with Europe and a civil forum of the Eastern Partnership of a national platform of Georgia.

52 NGO of Georgia, representatives  of the Parliament  and government institutions have taken part in a conference.

Conference has once again revealed need of cooperation of civil society and structures of the power that undoubtedly will help effective implementation of the taken liabilities of the agreement on association and harmonization of the legislation of Georgia with the legislation of the European Union.



shexvedrebi [800x600]On April 21, in Kutaisi, was held a conference – “ Gender components in the local budget- the existing reality, positive changes, future perspectives” , which was organized  by “the gender advisory board” at  Kutaisi Sakrebulo and by co financing of Fund “Sukhumi”.

   At conference, report on following  issues: “The gender advisory boards – the purposes of the project, tasks, the achieved results received by cooperation with local government” was made by the chairman of Fund of women entrepreneurs  – Meri Gelashvili.

   The report contained the analysis about the reached positive changes, gained  experience by the Gender advisory boards and further prospects in the frame of the project:  “Gender Councils — Advancement of Women in Regions for Social Changes”.


Interview with one of the leader of «Women Movement” – Meri Gelashvili.

    • 9


On April  5, 2016, in public college “Iberia”, volunteers of volunteer center of Fund of Women Entrepreneurs, mentors with their pupils and students with limited opportunities, have together held a meeting on a topic:  ” The force is -in unity “.



On March 30th, 2016  in Fund of Women Entrepreneurs was held the working meeting of the  network “Together We Will Overcome Poverty” at which ,there were representatives of 10 non-governmental organizations, journalists of local TV: “Rioni” and “MEGA TV”.

 Participants have discussed 2 offers developed by Fund of women entrepreneurs:

  1. A question of removal of 20% income tax from the employed mothers having many children;
  2. creation of “The advisory centers for strengthening of marital status” in agency of the civil register of the Ministry of Justice for persons interested to register the marriage.

These offers have been supported by members of a network and offers and recommendations which are necessary for improvement of legislative initiatives have been developed.

    • 9



On March 23, 2016 memorandum of understanding was signed between , Fund of Women Entrepreneurs and Kutaisi City Council member,  Majority Deputy of “Gamarjveba” Municipality Nato Katamadze. The memorandum aims to: increase  and promote women’s role in the process of development of democratic society. As well as to develop joint initiatives and proposals that will increase women’s education, employment and development opportunities.



On March 16th, in Kutaisi, on the volunteer beginnings, the meeting of members of Gender Equality Network of the Imereti region has taken place in the Center for Civic Engagement.
 The participants were representatives of local self-government of Imereti region, as well as Deputies Irma Petriashvili, Nato Katamadze, Lela Kelbakiani, Ketevan Khvedelidze, the head of the governmental structure (Government of Abkhazia): Zaza Chachava, non-governmental organizations and civil society representatives.
 Total: 35 people, including 32 women and 3 men.
Before the meeting, the participants stood up and have given a tribute to Manana Mebuke memory, the founder and head of the Gender Equality Network.
 The work was carried out in a business environment, participants discussed the problems and challenges of gender equality.


Business visit to Poland

From December 5 to December 8, 2015 was  invited by our partners in “The center of a volunteers Lublin” Poland.
In a frame of visit, I took part in  various activities  organized  by our partner. The operating schedule was loaded by various activities: there were visits  for the purpose of exchange of experience about volunteer activity: A dinner for the homeless, studied work of the organization who created persons  with limited opportunities and the working program of school organized by fund.
Worked on a draft of the partner project “Development of the women living in rural areas , which will be presented by our Polish partner, and three organizations from Georgia will be co-partners: “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” – (Kutaisi), ” Kartlosi” – (Gori), and “Atinati” – (Zugdidi).
On December 7, we, volunteers, local government structures, sponsors and “Lublin Volunteer Center” took part in a grand event to celebrate the  ” International Volunteer Day.”
Volunteers were awarded by diplomas and “The best volunteer of year” was also chosen.  Representatives of Georgia: Women Entrepreneurs Fund, Atinati and Kartlosi were also awarded by Diplomas for active inclusion in the volunteer movement in Georgia “Now our time”.

1-800x600 2-800x600








On  October 22, 2015 legal consultations were given to the members of “ Women’s School” in Poti, regarding the problem of resettlement  from the flats under the hypothec, also rules and conditions of receiving  citizenship of Georgia, who can be given the status of charity organization and  what state structure implements giving of the status and etc. Totally 15 consultations were given.

DSC02148-800x600 DSC02151-800x600









On September 29, 2015 in frame of project: Gender Policies and EU integration – Experience of V4 for Eap Countries, was held first online  workshop. The workshop was organized by the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs In online workshop took part the project’s partners from: Ukraine – Gurt resource centre, Czech Republic – Gender Studies, Hungary – Hungarian Women’s Lobby, Slovakia – Institute of Sociology Slovak Academy of Sciences, Poland – Institute of Sociology, Gali – Women’s non-governmental organization “Avangard”.
The following issues were reviewed during workshop: Brief overview of the project,   assigning of the roles and responsibilities among partners, reviewing  the table of activities: dates and reporting issues, signing of the partnership agreements among partners, discussion of the structure of the analytical articles collection, upcoming Events: Public Lectures.

Project is funded by the International Visegrad Foundation.


Fund of Women Entrepreneurs joined in activity of the international network _ ” 21 September _ the International Peace Day”. The member of the international network, “Peace One Day”, Women Entrepreneurs Fund regarding International Peace Day, held the first meeting with youth of Kutaisi public college “Iberia” and once again reminded students  importance and meaning of peace.

At the end of a meeting the youth confirmed desire to live in the peace and quiet world.

40 person took part in the meeting.


On September 21, 2015 the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs together with pupils of Zhiuli Shartava public school of Abkhazia #6 celebrated International Peace Day. On the meeting, the students were explained, that International Peace Day means not only peace between nations, but also non-violence in our society, families and schools. Thus, participation of young people in this activity is very important.

50 pupils took part in this meeting.


On September 21, 2015 regarding the International Peace Day, Women Entrepreneurs  Fund visited Kutaisi branch of Tbilisi I.Javakhishvili State University Learning Center, where held a meeting with the lecturers and teachers. They talked about the importance of peace (especially, today’s  intensity around the world) and search of ways of fight for peace. At a meeting all are unanimous noted, any sane person on Earth isn’t eager for war, and all have to unite on construction of the peace world.

15 person took part in this meeting.


21On September 21, 2015 Women Entrepreneurs Fund met pupils of the 3rd class of the 2nd public school of I. Otskheli and informed them on value of the International Peace Day. Talked about importance and meaning of the peace. At a meeting were present: production  crew of MG-TV, form-master and principle.

50 people participated in a meeting.


On September 21, 2015, at 12 o’clock, in Poti, by efforts of “women’s school”, the public union of refugees placed in Poti and employees of OO “Lazika”, the action took place:” We join the world and celebrate International  Peace Day”.

30 people participated in an action.


“Women’s regional union of Lechkhumi”  joined Women Entrepreneurs Fund’s initiative: 21 September “ International Peace Day”. Representatives of local self-government participated in this event.

30 person took part in this meeting.



მეწარმე ქალთა ფონდი და მოხალისეთა ცენტის მოხალისეები  21სექტემბერს „მშვიდობის საერთაშორისო დღეს ერთმანეთის მხარდამხარ.

“მეწარმე ქალთა ფონდი”   “მოხალისეთა ცენტრის“ – ბენეფიციარებთან ერთად  ჩაერთო საერთაშორისო ქსელის აქტივობაში – „21 სექტემბერი მშვიდობის  საერთაშორისო დღე“.      საერთაშორისო ქსელის „Peace One Day”- ს წევრმა:  “მეწარმე ქალთა ფონდმა “ ამ დღის აღსანიშნავად  ფონდის თანამშრომლებთან  და „მოხალისეთა ცენტრის”  მოხალისეებთან  ერთად მოაწყო შეხვედრა:  ქუთაისის საზოგადოებრივ კოლეჯ “იბერიაში,“  ქუთაისის ჟ.შარტავას სახელობის №6  საჯარო სკოლაში, ქუთაისში, ივ.ჯავახიშვილის სახელობის  სახელმწიფო უნივერსიტეტის  ფილიალში, ქუთაისის ი.ოცხელის სახელობის 2-ე საჯარო სკოლაში, ცაგერში „ლაჩხუმის ქალთა რეგიონალურ კავშირში და სამეგრელოში, ფოთში ქალთა სკოლში“.

თარიღი :21.09.2015

Meeting with government structures of Tsageri

On September 15, 2015 the memorandum was signed between “Fund of women of Entrepreneurs” and local government structures of Tsageri _ the chairman of municipality of Tsageri Sakrebulo and Governor of three villages (Kveda Tsagenri, Gveso and Chkhuteli) who expressed readiness of cooperation with “Fund of Women of Entrepreneurs”.
After signing of the memorandum, informational meeting was held with beneficiaries of Fund of Women Entrepreneurs. Information on the project – “Sustainable development of women in Western Georgia –development of professional and personal skills” was provided to them. A working group was formed of 15 people and plans of future activity are drawn up.

IMG_8840 IMG_8843









Cooperation with government structures of Tsageri

On September 15, 2015 was signed a memorandum of understanding between NGO of Tsageri “Regional Union of Women of Lechkhumi” and Tsageri Municipality Sakrebulo. The sides expressed a will of cooperation and planned activities for the International Day of Peace.

IMG_8814 IMG_8815









Information meeting in Tsageri

On September 11, 2015 a meeting was held with local government structures and beneficiaries  of Tsageri villages (lower Tsageri, Gveso and Chkhuteli). At the meeting were reviewed the conditions of the memorandum, which should be drawn up between the “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” and the local government of Tsageri. Information on the project: “Sustainable development of women in Western Georgia –development of professional and personal skills” was provided in the form of the press release. Plans for future activities were outlined with beneficiaries.

IMG_8802 MG_8791









Meeting at the U.N. women’s organization

On July  31, 2015, within the framework of the project: ”Strengthening of women in the  mountainous regions of Georgia” in the Office of a women’s Organization (UN Women), a meeting was held with representatives of Fund of Women Entrepreneurs and Khatuna Kunchulia (UN Women ).The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the final outcomes of the project. During the meeting, the donor was awarded Fund of Women Entrepreneurs  in connection with the successful implementation of the project and its outcomes.


Meeting in Tbilisi

On June 24, 2015, in Tbilisi ,at office of Charity Fund “Caritas”, within the frames of volunteer network

” Now Our Time” took place the next meeting. There were representatives of four organizations: The Public Union “Bridge of Friendship Kartlosi” (Gori),” Association” Atinanti” (Zugdidi),” Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” (Kutaisi) and Charity Fund “Caritas” (Tbilisi).

Meeting purpose: Development of drafting volunteer statement  and the strategic plan.

As a result of a meeting , following suggestions  were elaborated  for drafting volunteer statement and strategic plan in future.


IMG_8618-800x600 IMG_8620-800x600









Meeting  with local self-government structure

On June 15 2015 within the frames of the project of Women Entrepreneurs Fund: “Stable Development, raising of  professional skills and ability of women in Western Georgia” was held a meeting with representatives of local self-government of Letchkhumi (Tsageri) .

Among them with:

Tsageri Municipality Governor – Rezo Benidze;   chairman of Sakrebulo –Bakar Kurashvili –Head of Municipality Service of Tsageri – Joni Khaliani  and  Social Service specialist  – Marina Bendeliani.
After introduction of project’s press-release, participants expressed a will to participate and support in activities in frames of the  project.


On June 18, 2015 a working meeting of the Network of NGO “Only together we overcome poverty” was held by “Fund of women entrepreneurs”.
Subject of a meeting was definition of a social role of the woman and possibility of its increase at observance of the labor law. NGOs Representatives defined Network activities on which network functioning will be carried out  in 2015-2017. Attendees expressed readiness of development and implementation of uniform activities.
10 NGO representatives of Imereti Region were attended on this meeting.

DSC01350 DSC01361









EU delegation in Georgia Visited  “Women Entrepreneurs Fund.”


On 17 June 2015, the fund visited Mr. Antonio Lo Poarko Trade Attache and Ms. Ada Nardaia – Trade Officer.
Fund’s staff and Mr. Alu Gamakharia the director of A / O “Peaceful and Business Caucasus” were participated in the meeting.
The topic of the meeting:  to inform the regional population of Georgia and the consumers about the affect of the Association Agreement with the EU.
Chair of the Fund Mrs. Gelashvili and Mr. Alu Gamakharia the director of A / O “Peaceful and Business Caucasus”, noted the importance of the meeting, and necessity, especially in the regions in order to raise the awareness of residents about the affect of the EU Association Agreement on Georgian consumers.
Mr. Antonio Lo Poarko expressed a will to participate in the activities, implemented by the organization and explain to the wider society not only the positive effect, which will this agreement bring to Georgia, but also challenges ,which should be envisaged by the country and preventive measures should be taken.


 On June 9-10, 2015, the Volunteer Center of Women Entrepreneurs Fund – “Now it’s time for our” volunteers took part in a Polish partner organizations – “Global Solidarity Association” and “Union of Lublin Volunteer Center” organized by Gori Public Union “Friendship Bridge” – in Kartlos
The main objective of the strategic plan for the future network of volunteer movement – “Now it’s time for our” development.


ccccckkOn March, 19, 2015 a meeting was held in the office of FWE between the FWE staff and “Women’s empowerment in mountainous regions of Georgia” beneficiary women from Tsageri and Ambrolauri region.  The goal of the meeting was to establish the Women NGOs
After the meeting the participants moved in the Justice House where two Women NGOs were officially established. They are: “Ambolauri Regional Women’s Union – hope hand”, and –   “Letchkhumi Women’s Regional Union”





IMG_7885year employee “FWE within the project “Strengthening of women in the mountainous regions of Georgia” were at a meeting   with the women beneficiaries in Tsageri to discuss issues related to local women’s non-governmental organization.
The result of the meeting: The charter of the organization was adopted and three member of the board was elected.





One day in  hospital

By WFE Volunteers Center Initiative held the event in Kutaisi at the George Tskhakaia Hospital.  The purpose of the event is to give the human Support to people who are in trouble and the emotional discharge, which will help them to recover. Med – staff provided information about “Volunteerism Movement.”They expressed cooperation readiness and filled Application forms.


Municipal Area Women Became Entrepreneur Women – ”Voluntary Center Members”


On February 3, 2015 Fund of Women Entrepreneurs   Volunteers Center Organized Meeting in Mountainous area Ambrolauri, village Sadmeli and Dzirgeuli women live in. The meeting was attended by 16 women.
Women living mountainous region expressed big Interest about Voluntary Movement. They were provided by information about Fund of Women Entrepreneurs “volunteers Center ”work. They were informed about Voluntary Work directions, right – duties.
After introducing provisions of Fund of Women Entrepreneurs   Voluntary Center  attendees expressed the readiness to become Voluntary Center members.



Revaz Tsulaia  Fund of Women Entrepreneurs Volunteer

surati-800x6001Revaz Tsulaia – became the member of Fund of Women Entrepreneurs Volunteer group from 2014 October .By his initiative opened PC Basic Office Applications Learning  courses for average and older people in Poti on the base of Women computer school . This training courses are attended by medicine workers , Poti Municipality Staff and Coalition Social Reforms for the Company City Poti day center for children with disabilities Five Teacher – instructor




02.03.2015 year employee “FWE within the project “Strengthening of women in the mountainous regions of Georgia” were at a meeting   with the women beneficiaries in Ambrolauri to discuss issues related to local women’s non-governmental organization.
The result of the meeting: The charter of the organization was adopted and three member of the board was elected


IMG_201 IMG_7758









fokus-jgufiJanuary 27, 2015 in the framework of the network “Synergy” under the leadership of the “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” held a focus group, whose aim was to study the political and social participation of refugees. Focus group participants were living in Kutaisi 10 refugees of different age, sex and education. Focus groups were based on pre-designed questionnaire, which covered issues enabling to determine the quality of social and political participation of refugees.





Partnership Continues

IMG_5394On July 29, 2014 two volunteers: Barbora and Cosima from civic association “GLEN SLOVAKIA” visited Fund of Women Entrepreneurs.  The purpose of their visit was to deepen and prolong already existing cooperation with FWE, within the framework of a voluntary program. The program is going to start from September.
Signing the MoU between the two organizations is scheduled for the next meeting.





Meeting of Synergy IDP Network

261On 7 July, 2014 Fund of Women Entrepreneurs, as one of the Synergy IDP Network member organizations was invited at the meeting held in the office of Public Defender of Georgia where the MoU between the Public Defender’s office and Synergy Network member organizations was signed.
The meeting with the participation of  Synergy network members, held in the hotel “Royal-Batoni”, Kvareli on 8-10 July, 2014 aiming at “networking opportunities and developing of new approaches ”.
The meeting which was focused on eliciting advocacy and strategic development-oriented activities was facilitated by the staff of Strategic Research and Development Center.
The meeting was organized within the framework of the project “Synergy – strengthening of IDPs through their participation and cooperation” supported by the British Embassy.




Memorandum of Cooperation with the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia

On February 26, 2014 Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the government of Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia and Civil Society Organizations.
“Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” joined the action and signed the memorandum that takes into account development and implementation of a steady legal and social policy of IDP.










Representatives of “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” participated on the day of “Civil Society Organizations” held in the Parliament of Georgia on December 12, 2013.
The day of “Civil Society Organizations” was founded under the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the parliament and public organizations. According to Davit Usupashvili, chairman of the Parliament of Georgia “with the help of the memorandum public organizations and parliament have become partners and parliament should be the object of civil society’s constant surveillance and cooperation”.


DSC04932 DSC04940









Meeting with Presidential Candidates


On October 18, 2013 the meeting on the topic “Building Confidence to the Electoral Systems” was organized by the Gender Equality Network.
The presidential candidates who were attending the meeting represented their Future Plans of action. At the end of the meeting public discussion on gender and political issues was held.






Working meeting with the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights of IDPs Professor Chaloka Beyani

On 15 June, 2013 a working  meeting was held in Tbilisi, hotel “Ambasadori” by the Association of IDP Women “Consent” (Julia Kharashvili).
Representatives of communities and NGOs working on the issues of IDPs were attended the meeting.
The main topic of the meeting was ‘Human Security’ of conflict-affected population.
Employment problems and challenges of IDP women were reported by Meri Gelashvili, chairperson Fund of Women Entrepreneurs.
The meeting was conducted in a business environment. In his concluding report Mr. Chaloka Beyani reviewed all the issues mentioned during the meeting.



Meeting with the Mayor of Poti


On April 19, 2013 the representatives of Women’s NGO “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” met David Sarsania, mayor of self-governance Poti. During the meeting the issues of cooperation and the activities to be implemented by  the fund were focused. At the meeting the initiatives of the FWE and the issue of studying accounting for the 6 beneficiaries were raised and paid attention.
At the end of the meeting creating a mini-project was discussed – where 6-month accounting course for the 6 beneficiaries at the vocational school will be formulated. Signing the memorandum of cooperation was planned in early May. All the issues which will be included in the MoU are being discussed.




Network meeting 


On 19 March 2013, a network of NGOs was established by the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs – “Only Together We Can Reduce Poverty.”
Representatives of NGOs expressed their opinions on the establishment of the network and desire for their active cooperation. They are ready to develop a joint network project which will be submitted to the appropriate institutions and aimed at activating the network’s work to solve women’s economic and social problems.

Ms. Tamar Pachulia, chairperson of Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association Kutaisi Branch stated that network establishment is timely and necessary. It is important to develop changes in “Labor Code” to make lobbying on the issues that should be solved by the local self-government. At the same time, she noted that it is necessary to have a competent representative of the IDP population in local government. 10 non-governmental organizations in the region of Imereti joined the network.


Visit of donor organization representatives


On February 18, 2012 Fund of Women Entrepreneurs hosted the representatives of the donor organization. The program coordinator of Brot fur dei welt in Central Asia and South Caucasus Edgar Brueser and Program Manager, responsible for women’s organizations in the Caucasus region, Dorothea Wolf acquainted with the activities of the Fund. They talked to to each employee of the organization. The guests were interested in the work implemented within the project “Improvement of the economic situation of social vulnerable women in western Georgia.”




Date: 18.02.13

Memorandum of Cooperation


Memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs and Akaki Tsereteli State University. The document was signed on December 5, 2012. According to the agreement between Meri Gelashvili, chairperson of FWE and Giorgi Ghavtadze, head of the university, will provide the internship of journalism faculty students in the process of publishing magazine called “We Are Leaders”. Selected students will have the opportunity to develop their professional skills with the help of practical journalistic work.
This cooperative act between FWE and Akaki Tsereteli State University will provide cultural-educational integration of young people and students, it also help them getting professional experience by themselves and promoting better understanding of the FWE ‘s activities.



The opening ceremony of the Equality Frontline


On May 22, 2012 the opening ceremony of the public relation center for all – “Equality Frontline” was held in Tbilisi, which was headed by Ms. Lika Nadaraia, where a representative of Fund of Women Entrepreneurs, Diana Kurashvili, participated.
The purpose of the meeting: “Promotion of gender equality in Georgia.”
The center will enable women to organize frequent meetings and discuss issues of violence prevention, be more active and open to bring the public opinion to the fair understanding of the society. There will be held exhibitions, lectures, film screenings and etc. As a result, there will be created the strong opportunity to establish public awareness of gender equality in Georgia.