Organizational Development

“Professional”, Chairperson of the Fund and Translator in a process  of planning of activities.

The cooperation between “professional” and Fund of women entrepreneurs began with planning of activities of FWE connected with elaboration of ” Strategy Development Plan”. The working plan is signed by the professional and Fund in which preparatory work and implementation of development of the Strategic plan of FWE are provided.


In order to promote the development of the organization, the “professional” – volunteer  Mrs. Gundi Dick , seconded by the donor, BROT-Bread for the world- Protestant Development Service for a period of two years in Fund of Women Entrepreneurs.

 According to the agreement the professional will assist “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” (FWE)  in development of the Strategic Development plan for the organization for 2017-2022; in planning of the project (as according to contents, also structurally), in training of group of fundraising and search of funds.

 Meeting of Mrs.  Gundi  Dick with the staff of Fund of Women Entrepreneurs.

Evaluating Workshop of the Staff of the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs

In December 2015, was held the Organization’s staff evaluating Workshop.The staff discussed the challenges of the project:”Sustainable development of women in Western Georgia- development of professional and personal skills” they met during the implementation period.
The staff assessed in details the opportunities and obstacles, which will be forseen in a three-year plan of the organization and will contribute success implementation of the project.

Date : 26.12.15 

Growth of organizational opportunities of employees

On July 07-20, 2015 within the program of organizational development to employees of Fund of women Entrepreneurs, 10-day masterclass was carried out for the purpose of professional development on computer technologies and the best studying of an office program “Microsoft Excel”.
7 employees of Fund deepened theoretical and practical knowledge of the program “Microsoft Excel”.

Date : 7.07.15

Results-Oriented Project Management Training Continues

IMG_3023The fourth training-module on “Project Cycle Management” was held in Tbilisi on January 22, 2014. Project phases, challenges and main tools that contribute to the project management were the issues focused on the training.
The purpose of the training was the usage of new tools in the process of project elaboration to consider the results obtained from the implementation of the project.




Date : 22.01.14

Learning Process Still Continues

Meeting organized on January 16, 2014 by the Civil Society Institute aimed at discussing the homework given to the staff members of FWE on the third training-module.
The performed homework on the topic “Determination of the current project indicators and elaboration of the result chain and indicator table” was positively evaluated and recommendations were given.

IMG_3018 IMG_3019-1








Date : 16.01.14

We still Learn

IMG_1267On November 5-6, 2013 the third consecutive training was organized at the Civil Society Institute in Tbilisi, on the topic: “Result-Oriented Project Management”.
The results chain, made and represented by us received high evaluation among the other pilot organizations.
The next training will be delivered in December under the task “Project indicators and logical framework”.



Date : 5.11.13

Fund of Women (FWE) – organizational capacity building

“Protect Cultural Heritage in Georgia” was the main topic of the workshop, which took place on May 20 in the framework of the “Capacity Enhancement of the Platform Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum’’.
The event where the representatives from 17 Cultural Subgroup Member organizations participated was coordinated by N. Abramia – a coordinator of the platform 4th subgroup.
The workshop was conducted in three fields:  protection of intangible cultural heritage in Georgia; social role of museums in the development of contemporary society and the problems and prospects of urban cultural heritages.
The importance of workshop was revealed in the active participations of the attendees which were reflected in their raised questions and problems discussion.

Date : 21.05.13

Joint training of Gender Equality Network and Journalists


Joint training of Gender Equality Network and Journalists was held in Bakuriani during 17-21 April, 2013. The training on the topic “Women’s political participation in governance, media communication, public speaking and presentation” was organized by the head of Gender Equality Network, Manana Mebuke and by Lado Mkervalishvili,  project manager of  The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES).
“Coverage of gender equality in Georgian media, communication, public speaking, etiquette, protocol and presentation; Planning and implementing of  an informational campaign, the gender analysis of election, asymmetry of the political process, the influence of the electoral systems on the political representation, election’s reform process and the possible challenges for women, press release and its planning and writing, preparing and conducting of press conference and press briefing” –these are the issues that were discussed during the 4-day-training with the help of trainer–experts Lado Mkervalishvili (Communications), Ketevan Mskhviladze (the media) and Tamar Bagrationi (Self-governance) .
Some future network activities, the theme of the coming training, holding joint manifestation in May and creating a closed Web-site were also planned at the training. The joint web – site constantly highlight the network’s activities.

Date : 21.04.13

Organizational Development Training


On October 22-24 2012, the staff of Fund of Women Entrepreneurs  participated at the training conducted in Borjomi  on the following topics: Women leaders and their role in peaccekeeping, organizational development and institutional status, psychological rehabilitation and development tools.
Program sessions were aimed at reassesing and enhancing the knowledge, attitudes and skills by the participants, as well as mastering new for practical use. The training goal is not only to study the strategies and methods in theory, but to apply them in practice.




Date :26.10.12

Training for organizational development


On May 31, 2012 the European Initiative – Liberal Academy Tbilisi organized the 3-day training for the NGOS members of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum of the National Platform of Georgia. Fund of Women Entrepreneurs Fund, as a member organization, was also represented in the training with the theme: “The Guide to European Union – communication and negotiation within the framework of Eastern Partnership”.





Date :31.05.12