Informational meeting with probationers in Zestaphoni

DSCN2540 [800x600]On February 15, 2018, the meeting with potential beneficiaries was held with FWE initiative by National probation agency Imereti bureau  within the project “Step by Step toward a better future” funded by EU and Austrian Development Agency, in Zestaphoni.
The meeting attended by National probation agency Imereti bureau staff : psychologist – Avtandil Arbolishvili, Social worker – Gvantsa Gachechiladze (Zestaphoni) , Officer of Probation Bureau- Merab Arveladze (Zestaphoni), Social worker of FWE – Maia Kamushadze and project assistant – Natruli Nachkebia.
The meeting was informative and included information about the goals, objectives and services that the project envisages for the beneficiaries.
The format of the meeting was fruitful, as most of the informed people expressed willingness to participate in the project.









27867421_1993424830928586_1862421162848411139_nKick-off meeting,  where formalized mentors and mentees groups for 2nd cycle was held in FWE international center, within the framework of the project “Step by step toward a better future “ on 10 February, 2018.
Before meeting were preparation activities with both beneficiaries and mentors. On meeting were discussed mentor`s and mentee`s rights and duties, which are mandatory for all.
Everybody was familiar with the format of communication that the mentor`s concept suggests. Participants were given the opportunity to express their views and expectations about this project.







Information meeting at the Kutaisi City Hall

On February 13, 2018, within the framework of the project “ Step by Step towards a Better Future” project #675 funded by the European and Austrian Development Agency, was hold meeting with the deputy mayor – Mrs. Nino Tvaltvadze.
The meeting was attended by the project executors:
Coordinator of the project in Imereti – Mary Gelashvili; Social worker – Maya Kamushadze; Project Assistant – Natruli Nachkebia; Lawyer – Inga Maglaperidze; Coordinator of the College “Iberia” – Varlami Mindeli; Vital Skills Trainer – Nanulu Ramishvili; Volunteer – Angela Chikhladze.
The agenda covered the following issues: Project introduction; Discussion of the achieved results and challenges for the future; The possibility of including the City Hall in order to support the project.
Ms. Nino expressed the opinion that this issue can be discussed in the Gender Advisory Council of municipalities, because the project provides for the inclusion of more than 30% of women with a view to their re-socialization.




Meeting with mentors

IMG_1325 [800x600]The meeting was held within the framework of the project “step by step towards a better future ”#675  in FWE office on January 30, 2018. The meeting was attended by Meri Gelashvili- project coordinator in Imereti Region, Tamar Kalandzde- psychologist, Natruli Nachkebia- assistant  and mentors : Vladimer Jorjolilani, Madlena Shavgulidze, Manana Gvishiani.
During the meeting mentors presented reports of their work with probationers for the period of  December-January and planed future activities with their beneficiaries.
The psychologist mentioned the growing demand of working with the mentors from the side of beneficiaries. Thus it is necessary to create criteria for the process of choosing beneficiaries. Criteria will be developed by Tamar Kalandadze in cooperation with project psychologist Kote Pozov.






Project Step by Step towards a Better Future (Phase II)

Beneficiaries of the  second cycle of the project #675 were awarded with certificate in collage „Iberia“ on January 24, 2018.

Based on the final assessment scores, all of the 19 beneficiaries have crossed a certain limit and received a certificate. This indicate that the beneficiaries of this cycle are quite motivated not only for learning, but also for the availability of additional services (vital skills training, psychologist, social worker and  lawyer trainings).

The chairperson of the FWE , Project coordinator – Mary Gelashvili and the deputy director of the college “Iberia” Mrs Ana Tsutskiridze congratulated beneficiaries and wished success to them.

At the end of the meeting, the beneficiaries were asked questions, especially they were intrested at employment issues. The project coordinator Mary Gelashvili and the project staff gave exhaustive answers.    




Project Step by Step towards a Better Future (Phase II)

FWE organized working meeting in Integration Centre within the project “Step by step towards a better future” funded by Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and EU on January 24, 2018. The meeting were attended by Meri Gelashvili- Project coordinator in Imereti rejion, Natruli Nachkebia- project assistant, Maia Kamushadze – social worker, Tamar Kalandadze – psychologist, Varlami Mindeli- coordinator of collage  “Iberia” and Inga Maglapheridze- Lawyer.

At the meeting were discussed changes made on monthly and quarterly report compiling rules , also organizational issues:

  • Effectiveness of mentor work
  • Effective approaches to employment of second stage alumni.
  • Work made for organizing beneficiaries group for first stage.
  • Organizing future informational meetings with mayors and governors.




Project Step by Step towards a Better Future (Phase II)

On 23 December, 2017 the working meeting, with participation of project working group (Imereti, Zugdidi and Shida Kartli region), was held on initiative of project local manager Nana Gogokhia and with  FWE organization in Kutaisi Center for Civil Engagement. 

   The meeting was attended by 17 participants.

   The purpose of the meeting was:

– Introducing the results of study visit to Austria;

Presentations of Regions:

  1. Shida Kartli
  2. Imereti
  3. Samegrelo

   – Review / specification of documents, concepts, account forms developed within the project,

   – Current Challenges,

   – Work in groups and presentations of group work,

   – Future plans.

Nana Gogokhia introduced the results of the study visit to Austria.

Presentations on the first and second cycle studies, internships, mentors issues and employment were made by:

           – Maya is mine – Zugdidi region,

           – Mary Gelashvili – Imereti region

           – Khvistio Lobzhanidze – Shida Kartli region.

On the meeting also was discussed related issues of the third cycle, where was underlined that it is necessary to pay attention to the beneficiaries attraction.  To achieve this necessity is imminent to organized joint meeting with regions probation bureau, where participations will be beneficiaries of the third cycle. On this meeting will be introduced all the services of the project and beneficiaries will made a decision about participation.



Plot prepared by FWE,  within the project  “Sustainable development of women living in Western Georgia-development of professional and personal skills” implemented in 2015-2017.



Summarization of the three year project: Sustainable development of women, living in Western Georgia, through increasing their professional levels and personal skills.

FWE presented summing-up the three year project “Sustainable development of women, living in Western Georgia, through increasing their professional levels and personal skills” in Center for Civic Engagement on December 15, 2017.  

FWE chairperson Meri Gelashvili and project assistants: Anjela Chikhladze, Natruli Nachkebia, Inga Maglaperidze and Elena Kuparadze introduced the projects  results, achievements and challenges. Assistants spoke in detail about each component that has been implemented in Imereti, Samegrelo and Tsageri regions for this three years. A TV story prepared in the framework of the project was shown at the meeting. The recommendations provided by the attendees will be included in organization future work plan.

The meeting was attended by representatives of Kutaisi City Hall Economic Service Department, Social Service Employment Department, Tsageri and Poti local self-government,  member organizations of network  “Only together we reduce poverty” mass media and FWE  beneficiaries.



Meeting in college “Iberia” in frame of 16 day campaign against gender based violence

iberia [800x600]On December 7, 2017, in frame of 16 day campaign against gender based violence, an informational meeting was held in the college “Iberia”. Students and teachers of the college familiarized with the changes in the 24th law made by state according the Istanbul convention. The meeting was interactive with participation of 40 students.









qutaisi2017 [800x600]Meeting was held with the students of Kutaisi School for Womens within the week against gender based violence. For attendees was explained that the 16-day campaign aims to inform citizens and activate the society against violence.








Meeting in Poti within campaign – 16 days of activism against gender based violence

FEW along with fund “Philanthropist 2015” held the meeting , within 16days campaign,  with public figures of Guria, Poti and Batumi in the central library of Poti on December 1, 2017. Poets and writers introduced their creations to the audience. They confirmed with their signature that they condemn violence against women.


Action in Tsageri

 The action “Together to stop Gender based Violence” was held with the participation of representatives of different social levels in Tsageri municipality on November 29, 2017.

Participant mentioned that in Tsageri region special support is needed for women and it is necessary to inform them in the law: changes in the law on the prevention of violence against women and / or domestic violence, the protection and assistance of victims of violence;

Participant men mentioned that ensuring equality of women and men is one of the most important elements of prevention of gender based violence.


Action in Kutaisi

FWE along with other NGOs operating in Imereti region, took part in the action – 16 days of activism against gender based violence – held in Kutaisi Central Park on November 27, 2017.

Participants mentioned that uncompromising dependence on each manifestation of violence should be addressed together with the prevention of violence against women. Effective, timely and adequate responses to crime cases must be take.




On November 29, 2017 a chairperson of regional policy and governance committee, Grigol Liluashvili, Majoritarian MP of Vani and Sophie Kiladze, chairperson of “Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee” held a meeting with Khoni Club (Fund “Sukhumi”) members and representatives of  NGOs “Fund Sukhumi” and “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” in the Parliament of Georgia, in Kutaisi.

At the meeting they talked about the violence against women and the issues on gender equality, also they discussed about the role of men and women in the society, functioning of gender councils, legislative basis of gender in the country and enforcement mechanisms of the law, as well as the reforms of the Institute of Social Work and Women’s Rights.

 At the meeting Ms. Sopho Kiladze and Mr. Grigol Liluashvili made a readiness for cooperation.

“We have a lot of interesting initiatives that first of all, will be discussed with the public members. Your active participation and recognition of your civil position is important”, said Ms Sopo.

The meeting was held under the initiative of Khoni Club of Women (Fund “Sukhumi”), within the framework of activities aimed at violence against women.


A Consulting Meeting in Kutaisi

sakonsultacio shexvedraOn November 29, 2017 a Consultation Meeting among Sopho Japaridze (an assistant of the Prime Minister), Ana Pashalishvili (UN Women representative) and Kutaisi NGOs was held in Kutaisi at “Bagrati” hotel. Mary Gelashvili and Anjela Chikhladze, from the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs, attended the event.

The meeting devoted to the topics “Women, Peace and Security”, “The activities performed in the framework of the National Action Plan for 2016-2017 and new aspects of the 2018-2020 action plan” and   “Widespread and planned activities to Combat Violence against Women and Domestic Violence and Victims”.  

At the meeting the representatives discussed on both issues related to the topics and expressed desire to establish relations in the future.




On November 24, 2017, the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs organized a master class in Tsageri municipality on the theme of the improvement of soil through humus and local resources.
In total, 24 beneficiaries, including 11 men and 13 women, attended the master class.
The invited trainer Merab Baratashvili provided the participants with the information how to prepare the soil in accordance to the types of a plant. Special attention was paid to the possibility of producing humus with the help of local resources, its usage and expected results.

Discussion on these issues caused great reactions that reflected in their opinions:

  • Nato Silagadze-As far as I have already learnt how to prepare humus I will use waste products to produce humus and to get ecologically clean products.
  • Natia Kvirikashvili – This is a very productive master class and it is necessary to conduct such kind of trainings more often.
  • Amiran Khetsuriani- I liked humus preparation technology, examples of European countries in terms of soil preparation is interesting.
  • Josep Chekhi, a manager from Slovakia to Hydro-Plant “Jonoon-1” Building, in Tsageri Municipality- It was a very interesting master class, the use of humus in terms of Georgia’s agriculture development is necessary.

Date: 24.11.2017


“Fund for Women Entrepreneurs” is joins the 16-day international campaign of violence against women.

bukleti-aqcia dzaladobis winaagmdeg-2017-2 [800x600]


“Mentor – Volunteers Training in Fund of Women Entrepreneurs

On November 11, 2017, the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs within the project “Step-by-Step towards a Better Future”(675)  was conducted the training to “Mentor-Volunteer” Skills and Work Organization  issues.

11 people with different professions and experience participated in the training (out of which: 9 men, 2 women).

All participants, as announced under the terms of the competition, are ready to work on the volunteer basis (without remuneration) to project beneficiaries in order to support their re-socialization.

The training was conducted by an experienced trainer, psychologist – Constantine Pozov.

In training preparation and its organization, participation employees an Association “Consent” and Fund of Women Entrepreneurs.

Date: 11.11.2017



The work meeting

Workshop on the project “Step-by-Step towards a  Better Future” was held on November 10, at the “Integration Center” of Fund of Women Entrepreneurs. The agenda of the meeting included two issues: the results of the past period; achievements and challenges and organizational issues of planned training (mentor-volunteers).

Every representative of the first issue discussed around their direction. Was identified one issue which concerns one of the beneficiaries and plans to prevent this problem (M. Gelashvili, N. Nachkebia, M. Kamushadze, T. Kalandadze, N.Ramishvili, I.Maglaperidze and V.Mindeli).

The second issue included a report of  assistant N. Nakkebia on technical issues.

To the Social Worker – Kamushadze and psychologist – T. Kalandadze was ordered to provide training.


Private sector employees’ rights

Condition research in Kutaisi