“Mentor – Volunteers Training in Fund of Women Entrepreneurs

On November 11, 2017, the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs within the project “Step-by-Step towards a Better Future”(675)  was conducted the training to “Mentor-Volunteer” Skills and Work Organization  issues.

11 people with different professions and experience participated in the training (out of which: 9 men, 2 women).

All participants, as announced under the terms of the competition, are ready to work on the volunteer basis (without remuneration) to project beneficiaries in order to support their re-socialization.

The training was conducted by an experienced trainer, psychologist – Constantine Pozov.

In training preparation and its organization, participation employees an Association “Consent” and Fund of Women Entrepreneurs.

Date: 11.11.2017



The work meeting

Workshop on the project “Step-by-Step towards a  Better Future” was held on November 10, at the “Integration Center” of Fund of Women Entrepreneurs. The agenda of the meeting included two issues: the results of the past period; achievements and challenges and organizational issues of planned training (mentor-volunteers).

Every representative of the first issue discussed around their direction. Was identified one issue which concerns one of the beneficiaries and plans to prevent this problem (M. Gelashvili, N. Nachkebia, M. Kamushadze, T. Kalandadze, N.Ramishvili, I.Maglaperidze and V.Mindeli).

The second issue included a report of  assistant N. Nakkebia on technical issues.

To the Social Worker – Kamushadze and psychologist – T. Kalandadze was ordered to provide training.


Private sector employees’ rights

Condition research in Kutaisi




On 17 October 2017, the FWE hosted the representatives of  donor organization- Brot für die Welt-Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst- Claudia Hinderer and Anika Becker.
Chairperson of FWE – Meri Gelashvili informed the guests about the  implemented  projects  and plan for 2018 year.
At the meeting FWE staff and donors discussed the project “Sustainable development of women, from Western Georgia, through their professional levels and development of personal skills” activities and achieved goals.


The second phase started in the framework of the project “Step-by-Step for a Better Future”. Project implemented by the European Union and the Austrian Development Agency and the international organization Hilfswerk Austria International.

On October 13, 2017, in the Kutaisi Community College “Iberia” within the project “Step-by-Step For Better Future” №675, was held Open door’s day of the second stage of teaching. The event was attended by probationers, former convicts and their family members, college teachers involved in the project and employees of the “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” who will work with the target group. The meeting was conducted in the familiar character and was discussed the format of future work with the beneficiaries.
Along with the project team, the meeting was participated by representatives of Imereti probation bureau: Avtandil Arbolishvili, Tinatin Chelidze and Tamar Chumburidze.


Working Meeting of the Project Supervisory (or observer) Committee

On October 16, 2017 the working meeting of the Supervisory Committee was held on the project: “Sustainable development of women from Western Georgia, through increasing their professional levels and development of personal skills” , in Fund of Women Entrepreneurs office. 
The meeting was attended by the members of the committee:  Kutaisi City Council deputy- Nato Katamadze , Deputy Head of the autonomous republic of Abkhazia goverment representation , on IDPs issues,   in Imereti region- Natia Kopaliani, Union of Teachers “Education and Universe” – Nanuli Ramishvili and secretary of the meeting – Inga Maglaperidze.
The Project Supervisory Committee reviewed the first half of 2017.  They assessed activities and achieved results of the above mentioned project, that was implemented in 2015-2017.
The attendees noted that “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” is an organization that actually works on women’s needs. Organization has a qualified team , which  identify the problems of target groups and find ways to solve these problems. They said that  received  information allow them to positively assess the implementation of the project.
It should be noted that the Project Supervisory Committee is independent.  Committee activities and  purpose is to ensure the transparency and potential of the organization’s work.



On October 6, 2017 within the project – “Sustainable development of women, from Western Georgia, through increasing their professional levels and development of  personal skills” (financed by Brot für die Welt – Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst) – 9th group of  “School for Women” finished courses in Poti.
For 3 years of project duration the total number of graduates of the “School of Women” in Poti is -135.   They studied and acquired knowledge in the following specialties: computer programs, Oris accounting, Russian language and English language.
Middle age women, with different status and profession were awarded by the certificates. It is worth noting, that for given moment 47 retrained women  got employed and increased income.
“Fund of  Women Entrepreneurs” continues the support and care of women from “Women’s Schools”.
Representatives of Poti City Hall attended the ceremony of  “School for women” completion. They publicly thanked  “Fund of Women entrepreneurs “ for the work done in Poti and wished them to implement the projects like this.



Gender Policies and EU Integration


Project:  Step-by-step towards a better future #675

On October 2, 2017 TV-Rioni conducted a program about the project “Step-by-step towards a better future” (#675) about the project`s achieved results (for the first stage) goals and objectives. The participants were: Mary Gelashvili – the chairperson of the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs,  the project coordinator in Imereti, Natruli Nachkebia- the project assistant, Maya Kamushadze- social worker, Tamara Kalandadze- psychologist, Inga Maglaperidze- lawyer.

The implementation areas of the project , funded by the EU and the Austrian Development Agency, are:  Gori (Shida Kartli), Imereti and Samegrelo. The project is jointly supported by the Women’s Association of IDPs “Consent” (the leading organization, its branches in Gori and Zugdidi), the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs (Imereti), two educational institutions: Public College “Iberia” (Imereti) and Shota Meskhia University (Samegrelo), Nicole Maria Bauer- Hilfswerk Austria International Regional Manager, project author and implementer in Georgia.

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Project title: “Sustainable development of women, living in Western Georgia, through increasing their professional levels and  personal skills

On October 2, 2017 a TV program about the project “Sustainable development of women, living in Western Georgia, through increasing their professional levels and  personal skills” (financed by Brot für die Welt – Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst “Bread for the World” – Germany) was broadcast live on TV channel „Rioni“ within the frame of a 3-year project. The whole program was devoted to the project implementation and achieved results. The program was attended by the project direct implementers: Mary Gelashvili – Project Director, the assistants: Anjela Chikhladze, Natruli Nachkebia, Inga Maglaperidze and Elena Kuparadze.

With the help of the program our society was informed about all the directions of the project implementation :

  • Graduates “School for women” ;
  • The needs of women living in Tsageri municipality in the high mountainous region;
  • Increasing mentors activities ;
  • The aspects of public relations and the legislative initiatives developed and presented by “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs”.

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