The 3-month course of English language was completed. The representative of Social Service Agency has registered graduates at employment site “”, as a job seeker, also informed them about announced vacancies and talked about the internship program developed by the state, which is paid.

The graduates of “Women’s School” were awarded with certificates.


Russian language learning course has been opened in Poti, on the basis of questionnaires, 15 middle-aged women with higher education pass this course.



Master-class in Tsageri

On July 18, 2017 in a frame of the project” Sustainable development of women in Western Georgia- development of professional and personal skills” was held master class in Tsageri Municipality on topic-“Care of Berry Cultures”.

   The master class was attended by 25 people. The listeners got information on thorn less strawberry, raspberries, blueberries, their agro technologies, care, useful properties, fetal production, compost production and its use.

  In the master class, it was revealed that a group of listeners on the basis of received information will prepare a small area for thorn less blackberry  and raspberry seedlings cultivation.


Meeting at the Women’s Fund of Women

On May 22 of  2017, a meeting was held between the entrepreneurs of the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs in the Integration Center. The meeting was attended by 11 employees. The aim was to report the work performed by each employee in the form of presentation.

Meri Gelashvili, Chairman of Fund of Women Entrepreneurs noted the main directions that the Fund is implementing. Then each employee focused on the implementation of relevant projects. Particularly new project # 675  “”Step-by-step for the better future”, which starting was the successful and the results have been revealed.

At the end discussed future plans.

Date: 22.05.2015


The Fund of Women Entrepreneurs successfully carries out a training course which is focused on introduction of the modern, world-wide approved training programs, we try to combine a training course to requirements of the market of Georgia which becomes more and more exacting to quality.

We have qualified, skilled teachers and after end of a course pupils have an opportunity to get the relevant advice and recommendations about these or those questions.

Now the training course of Accounting program of “ORIS” in Kutaisi and Poti, which functioned from February to May, 2017 has successfully come to the end. The project is carried out with financial support of BROT.

“The Women’s School” gives the chance to graduates to estimate the opportunities and ability to develop own resources to achieve the  financial independence.


Meeting with representatives of the Imereti region municipalities

Within the framework of the project “”Step-by-step for the better future” # 675, initiated by the Fund of Women Entrepreneurship, in the municipalities of Imereti region the informational meetings were held for the presentation of the project:

On May 22, 2017 in Gamgeoba of Terjola Local Municipality- 25 people participated in the meeting, including 14 people from the village representatives, the staff of the Gamgeoba and the press service representative. From the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs – Project Coordinator in Imereti Region, Project Soc. Worker, project lawyer and project assistant.

On May 23, 2017, in Gamgeoba of Zestafoni Local Municipality – 29 people participated, out of which Zestaponi municipalities – 26 people. “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” – project coordinator in Imereti region, project lawyer and project assistant.

On May 24, 2017, in Gamgeoba of Khoni Municipality – 15 people participated, out of which 3 representatives of the village, 7 representatives of the Gamgeoba. “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” – Project Coordinator in Imereti Region, Project Soc. Worker, project lawyer and project assistant.


On May 24, 2017, in Gamgeoba of Samtredia Municipality – 13 people participated, six of them were representatives of the Samtredia Gamgeoba. “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” – Project Coordinator in Imereti Region, Project Soc. Worker, project lawyer and project assistant

 Project Coordinator in Imereti Region Meri Gelashvili introduced the goals and objectives of the project to the participants.

Project participants were given informational material.

Date: 22.05.2015


In a frame of the project “ Sustainable development of women in Western Georgia- development of professional and personal skills”, a three-day training was held in the office of FWE on May 29,30,31.

The training was attended by the beneficiaries of the “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” from Tsageri, who were interested in initiating or expanding small and medium businesses. The aim of the training was to teach modern and effective approaches to small and medium business management for the participants , how to write proposal about the business on which the participants are interested.

7 participants of the training filled the application form of the business idea, which was presented as a project by the state-run program “Produce in Georgia”.

Date: 27.04.2015


The open door day

On May 30, 2017, an open door day was held in public college “Iberia”. The introductory meeting was conducted within the framework of the project “Step-by-step towards a better future” (project № 675) funded by the EU and the Austrian Development Agency. The project is presented and is a grant recipient organization by HILFSWERK AUSTRIA INTERNATIONAL, and partners in Georgia IDP women Association “Tankhmoba”, Imereti – “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs”, Community College “Iberia”, Samegrelo – Shota Meskhia State Technical University of Zugdidi. The audience was addressed by the project coordinator in  Imereti Meri Gelashvi, also the Acting Director of the Public College “Iberia” Ana Tsutskiridze and teachers.

Ms. Meri Gelashvili, Chairperson of the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs, introduced the participants with the project, presented the team of Imereti Region, who will work with the beneficiaries, and focused on the activities to be implemented within their project.

The teachers of the public college “Iberia” showed the work places to the probationers, where they should take practice in the future and get training.

There was  displayed a film “Successful Experience and Results of the First Phase of the Project”.

At the end of the day, the beneficiaries discussed the format of work in the “Integration Center”, signed the Trilateral Memorandum of Cooperation. They obtained social consultant, psychologist and lawyer consultations.


On April 27, 2017 at the request of beneficiaries of Municipality of Tsageri there has taken place the training on a subject: “Rules of conducting business in the general courts”. 
The following questions were discussed at a training: Civil procedural legal relations; Procedural laws of the parties and duty; Procedural terms; Rules of introduction of the claim; Order and terms of payment of the state tax; Features of consideration of the case as the simplified production; Pronouncement of the correspondence decision and rule of the appeal; Conducting business in the courts both appeal, and cassation.

Participants of a meeting have got legal consultation on the subjects interesting them which concerned the following questions: – introduction of the appeal complaint, – the appeal of the correspondence decision, – procedural terms, – jurisdiction, – a divorce, – pension appointment, – repeated recheck of economic and social situation, – restoration of inheritance, – drawing up the will, – registration of the real estate, – removal of a criminal record, – purpose of an aliment for minors, – adoption of the child, – a question of execution of the mortgage contract.
On a training 24 people (23 women and 1 man) took part.

Date: 27.04.2015



Date: 5.05.17



On April 5, 2017 in Kutaisi, on the basis of the received questionnaires the English course was updated, where 15 women of middle age will be able to study. After end of a training course, the graduates will be awarded with certificates .



City Hall of Municipality of Kutaisi has thanked officially the  Fund of Women Entrepreneurs for active cooperation.



The Women’s School works not one year in Kutaisi and Poti. Need of training is visible from successful stories of beneficiaries. Women who go to the organization need support and appropriate assistance. “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” actively worked and will work in a frame of the project on improvement of economic and social situation of women, increase in a self-assessment and those skills which represent the main requirement of  the” labor market”.

On February 16th, 2017 based on the received questionnaires, a three-months course of accounting  was started, where 15 women of middle age will participate . After study completion, the listeners will be awarded with certificates.