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Informational meeting with probationers in Zestaphoni

DSCN2540 [800x600]On February 15, 2018, the meeting with potential beneficiaries was held with FWE initiative by National probation agency Imereti bureau  within the project “Step by Step toward a better future” funded by EU and Austrian Development Agency, in Zestaphoni.
The meeting attended by National probation agency Imereti bureau staff : psychologist – Avtandil Arbolishvili, Social worker – Gvantsa Gachechiladze (Zestaphoni) , Officer of Probation Bureau- Merab Arveladze (Zestaphoni), Social worker of FWE – Maia Kamushadze and project assistant – Natruli Nachkebia.
The meeting was informative and included information about the goals, objectives and services that the project envisages for the beneficiaries.
The format of the meeting...