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Our  Scholars

On March 22, 2016 in Fund of Women Entrepreneurs the working  meeting on a topic has been held:

“Purpose of a grant for pupils of Mentors of Fund of Women Entrepreneurs”.

11 beneficiaries became scholars:

Among them:

7 scholars from public college “Iberia”:

4 scholars from Sociological and Poliical  Research Center “Mermisi”  : 


Round table

   On May 19th, 2016 “The round table” has taken place in “conference room” of the Center for Civic Engagement on a topic:

– Mentors and pupils (exchange of experience);

– Issuing  of certificates to graduates of Women’s School;

   The round table was conducted within the project ” Sustainable development of women in Western Georgia- development of professional and personal skills” (BROT).

37 people participated in action: graduates of school of women, mentors and their wards, teachers of Women’s School, representatives of civil society, employees of WEF, youth.

    The attendees were informed about the project, plans and activities of the project by the chairman of “Fund of Women Entrepreneurs” M. Gelashvili,  Project assistants – D. Kurashvili and A. Chikhladze.

   Mentors (A. Tsutskiridze and N. Todua) have shared their experience and results of work with pupils. 

All participants, women of the graduate of school, youth with which mentors work actively took part  in discussion and have noted those positive changes which have happened in their life.

   At the end certificates have been issued to 20 graduates of Women’s School.



On April  5, 2016, in public college “Iberia”, volunteers of volunteer center of Fund of Women Entrepreneurs, mentors with their pupils and students with limited opportunities, have together held a meeting on a topic:  ” The force is -in unity “.


Meeting with Mentors

IMG_9834 [800x600]On March 21, 2016, at office of Fund of Women Entrepreneurs , the meeting was held between the staff of the fund and mentors where, have discussed scholarship’s issues for students- pupils of Public college “Iberia” and political research center “Mermisi.

In the near future, the decision on scholarship will be made by the chairman of fund and members of a contest committee.

Date :21.03.2016

Monitoring at Mentors

On December 12, 2015 was carried out monitoring of the mentors’ work. Mentor- Natalia Todua  conducted meeting  with various age learners  on topic: -“Basic principles of human relations”. Learners performed and  analyzed their individual working plan. Mentor and learners made a focus on future goals.

Date :12.12.2015

Monitoring at Mentors

On December 14, 2015 was carried out monitoring of the mentors’ work. Mentor- Anna Tsutskiridze conducted  meetings with youth  in Lower Tsageri, Gveso and Chkhuteli (Lechkhumi region Tsageri Municipality)  on topic: – Basic principles of human relations. Learners  has worked out  a working plan and together with mentor set future goals.

Date :14.11.2015

Meeting with Mentors

On November 18,2015 , a meeting  with Mentors was held  in Women Entrepreneurs Fund  in the frame of the project  – “Sustainable development of women in Western  Georgia – development of professional and personal skills” The contract was signed between Women Entrepreneurs Fund and two “mentor”.
As a mentors, were selected, participants of the training of Mentoring School:  Nato Todua  and Ana Tsutsqiridze.
Mentors will start work from 19 November,2015.

Date :18.11.2015

Three-day training course of mentorship  in “Fund of women entrepreneurs”

From October 1st to October 3rd, 2015 in Kutaisi, in a building of Imeri hotel was carried out a three-day preparatory training course for mentors. On training were  attended young women, graduates  of “women’s school ” at FWE, also representatives of professional school and those local non-governmental organizations who work with youth on issues concerning psychosocial rehabilitation, professional retraining, employment and self-employment.
The purpose of training was development of mentor skills and abilities, as was reached.
Participants of training are motivated and capable to develop mentor programs in their organizations.
At the end  of training, mentor’s sworn was given by the  participants  .

Date : 01.10.2014